Himmapan Avatar Show

Himmapan Avatar Sho

Himmapan Avatar Show.
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Departure from Pattaya hotels at 15.00 -16.00
Price: adult 2000 ฿.
Children's from 90 to 120 cm 1700 ฿.

Without a guide. Prepay.
We are going under the condition that there is a group of 4 people.
Included, transfer to Bangkok and back, tickets.
Take with you: photo video, money.

Himmapan Avatar Show in Bangkok Description

The first entertainment, shopping complex Mega in Bangkok is a new amazing show Avatar.

This unique, first-of-its-kind show combines cutting-edge audio and video effects, stage tricks and acrobatics, as well as stunning costumes. This is more than just a stage show: this is a complete immersion in the legendary mythical lands that were passed on to the generation of the people of Thailand.

The Himmapan Avatar Show is a story about the adventures of God and animals from Himmapan, a magical, beautiful land. But the beauty of the earth was destroyed by Asura, the God of darkness, who invaded and conquered Himmapan. All beings live in fear and wait for the day when the bad prophecy will be fulfilled.

Thanks to modern technology, the organizers were able to translate this magical story into bright colors and colors. For the first time from two-dimensional paintings and books, the legend was embodied in a dynamic 4-D image of a magical forest. For the first time you will feel inside the whole action.

  • A huge room for a half thousand people.
  • Two years of preparation and polished interesting scenario.
  • 4D decor, ultra-modern audio-video effects.
  • The feeling of the audience in the effect of presence.
  • 1 hour 20 minutes of fairy tales and adventures in 7 worlds

An excellent chance to live the evening on holiday in Thailand for good reason, to have a good time with the whole family.

You can also watch a similar show in Pattaya Kaan.

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