Sabai tour

Sabai tour

Sabai tour Pattaya.
Price: 2000 ฿ adult and 1600 ฿ child up to 120 cm.
No shopping:
without pharmacies, latex and jewelry stores.
Departure on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sabay tour - mini (No beach visit).
Program for part-time without relaxing on the beach.
Price: 1600 ฿ / 1300 ฿ child up to 120 cm.
Departures Tuesday and Thursday.
Russian guide. Without prepayment.

Included: transfer, guide, food, all tickets
Take with you: swimwear, towel, photo-video, money, hat.

Introducing a new tour in Pattaya - Sabai for the whole family. The excursion is tireless, without long journeys and transitions. We walk a little, we eat a lot.

Sabai tour includes:

1. Suphatra Land

Excursion to the orchard

The orchard in Rayong province, called Sufatra, is huge. A trip to the orchard of Rayong is an excellent chance to spend a good day: informative, and tasty. Visitors will have the chance to personally pick the fruits they like and taste them.

In Suphatra Land:

  • Excursion around the orchard.
  • Tasting mango, rambutane, mangosteen, pineapple, papaya, durian and Baltic herring.
  • Cooking experiment on cooking Thai salad Som There and tasting.
  • Fruit buffet without restrictions.

2. Wat Prapadoo

Sabai tour

Next is the temple of Wat Prapadoo. In the temple there is a figure of a sleeping Buddha, about 11 meters. The statue differs from similar sculptures in Thailand in that it is located on the left and not on the right. You can clear karma, attract financial well-being.

3. Lum Mahachai Chumpon

Excursion to the orchard

Temple of Lum Mahachai Chumpon. Located near the food market, where they offer a variety of Chinese and Thai food and food.

4. Lotus Crystal

Sabai tour

Then the Factory of local glassmakers "Lotus Crystal", where you will see the incredible work of Thai craftsmen.

We will visit the exhibition hall, where you will be stunned both by the assortment and the variety of crystal dishes. There will be a tour of the factory, and you will see how many laborious processes are necessary to produce a simple glass.

In the standard version of the Sabay Tour you have dinner on the beach Dancing girl. In the mini version, we are going home to Pattaya.

5. Beach Hat Nang Ram

Sabai tour

All the rest of the time, rest on the famous in Pattaya beach "Dancing Girl". There are not many people. The sand and the sea are very clean. The beach is separated from the road by trees, which create an excellent shadow.

Beach Hat Nang Ram or Sattahip is considered one of the best in Pattaya. On the beach you will be available such entertainment, as: kayaking, banana, tablets and inflatable balloons for an additional fee.

On the tour Sabai tour you will see:

  • Unlimited fruit buffet.
  • Master class on cooking Som Tam salad + tasting.
  • Traditional Thai skewers (tasting). Tasting durian.
  • A trip around the plantation. We look at how all the fruits grow, remove the ripe fruits from the trees and eat.
  • Glass-blowing workshop, watch the work of Thai artisans.
  • Mini zoo in Rayong: giraffes, alpacas, zebras, lions, pets (horses, pigs, horses, etc.).
  • Relax on the beach Hat Nang Ram. (In the standard version).

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