Yacht Buccabu

Yacht Buccabu

Yacht Buccabu in Pattaya.
Days of departure depend on group availability.
From 8.30 to 18.00.
Price: 2400 ฿. Child under 12 years old 1200 ฿.
Russian captain. Only with prepayment.

Yacht Buссabu privately.
Any day by appointment.
From 8.30 to 18.00.
Price: 25,000 ฿ for the entire yacht. Up to 12 people.
Russian captain. Only with prepayment.

With you to take: a towel, attributes for swimming, sunscreen, money for personal expenses.
The price includes: transfer, program of walking, fishing, lunch, masks and snorkel tubes.

Yacht Buccabu - description

Yacht Buccabu - a simple, yet brilliant sea excursion to the uninhabited islands of Pattaya. Suitable for those who do not need animators, large and noisy crowds, discos.

The scheme is as follows: on the beautiful schooner you go on a tropical sea, fishing, stay at the exotic uninhabited islands with clear water and the beach. Relaxing on the full with food, drinks and away from the city bustle. Then, rested, get to know the funny monkeys and come back to Pattaya.
The tour has everything you need for a relaxing beach holiday on the clean beach with emerald - blue sea. Very nice boat and can go sailing, under appropriate weather conditions.

Inside, all the amenities: sun loungers on deck for sunbathing, snorkeling attributes, shower with fresh water, toilet, cabin with air conditioning and leather sofas. Capacity 14 people, but usually for a walk along the Siam Gulf is not more than 8 guests. We recommend to book in advance, especially during high season.

All yacht Buccabu for the whole day for a private company 25000 bht.


  • 8.00 Transfer from the hotel to the Ocean Marina Port, where there is a yacht.
  • 9.00 Departure to the island of Koh Khram or Koh Rin, at the captain's discretion.
  • 10.00 Drop anchor near the island and catch fish.
  • 11.00 Landing on the island. Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling (included), walk around the island.
  • 13.00 Lunch on the yacht.  For you cooked soup of caught fish, salads, fried chicken, pasta, drinks. Alcohol can be purchased on board.
  • 14.00 Relax on the island.
  • 15.30 Sit on the yacht and go to the island of monkeys.
  • 16.00 Koh Ped. Feed the animals, do photos.
  • 16.30 We leave the harbor.
  • 17.00 Arrive at the port. Shuttle on hotels


  1. Hi.

    I would like to book for a tour aboard Yacht Bukabu. I want to have the Yacht for a private tour for our family for 25,000 Baht. We are 11 adults in total, with 2 kids and 1 infant.

    Our schedule is for January 5, 2019.

    Please advise if Yacht Bukabu is available on this day.

    Thank you

    1. Hello!
      The yacht is free on 01/05/19. But the captain takes on the yacht usually no more than 12 people. If you are 14 people, you need an extra charge of 2000 baht. Price for the entire yacht 27,000 baht. If you are satisfied with the price, you can book. Prepayment 10,000 baht

  2. Hello I would like to rent the Buccabu on January 1st 2020. We can pay as well. There are 7 people total.

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