10 best waterfalls in Thailand

10 best waterfalls in Thailand. Thailand has a lot of beautiful waterfalls. Many of them are points of interest on our excursions. See which of these miraculous natural phenomena you would like to visit. You can order excursions to these waterfalls in our agency by phone and pay the deposit via Pay Pal.

10 best waterfalls in Thailand №1. Ti Lo Su Waterfall - Black Demon

One of the largest and most luxurious waterfalls in Southeast Asia. Stands on the 6th place in size. This unique phenomenon was formed in a remote area of Thailand called Umphang. Height 900 meters. Tilosu is believed to be the largest and tallest waterfall in the country.

You can visit during a 3 or 4 day excursion: EXPEDITION TO THE WATERFALL TI LO SU (BLACK DEMON) ". Tour cost: 17000 ฿ / per.

2. Cascade of Wachiratan waterfalls

It flows along a granite escarpment on the way from the top of Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. The height is 80 m. It is one of several waterfalls in the area.

You can visit during the 3-day excursion: Golden Triangle and Doi Inthanon. Price 18,100 ฿/per.

3. Haew Narok Waterfall

The most powerful waterfall in Khao Yai National Park. Height 80 meters, it is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Central Thailand.

You can visit during the tour: "Khao Yai National Park"

4. Sarika Waterfall

It is the most famous in Nakhon Nayok province. This waterfall is located in a rather picturesque place, the sounds of pouring water are accompanied by bird songs, and the waterfall is called in honor of the bird Sarik.

You can visit during the tour: Amazing Thailand.

5. Soi Sawan Waterfall.

Located in the east of Thailand in the Ubon Rajantani province, near the border with Laos. Tucked away by the Mekong River, Soi Sawan Falls is the finest waterfall in eastern Thailand.

The waterfall attracts few visitors, which only adds to the experience. The sandstone geology of this area is quite unique and creates many interesting natural sites worth visiting. This waterfall is the best of them all. The flowing water makes deep holes in the stone to create swimming pools. These are real bubbling natural jacuzzis.

Can be visited during a 2-day excursion: "Emerald Triangle".

6. Sri Dit Waterfall.

Oval Falls, located in the Khao Kho Alpine National Park. This is a very picturesque area, next to the high-altitude operating residence of the King of Thailand.

Khao Kho National Park is loved by residents and guests of the country to observe the phenomenon: "Sea of Clouds". You cannot swim in the waterfall, the current is very strong and quite cool.

Can be visited during a 2-day excursion: "Above the Clouds"

7. Namtok Phlio National Park.

Near the city of Chanthaburi. There are a lot of carp in the waterfall that you can feed. Located near Pattaya. The historical chedi of King Rama V is located near the waterfall. The surrounding mountains are rich in deposits of precious and semi-precious stones. Some visitors even found sapphires in the waters of the waterfall.

This waterfall can be visited during a 2-day excursion: "Stalker", or during a one-day excursion: "In search of sapphires."

8. Khao Chamao - Khao Wong National Park.

Located in Rayong province, one hundred kilometers from Pattaya. Perfectly clean, practically drinking, cool mountain water.
On the fifth level there is a natural wonder - a unique emerald pool where you can swim with carp. The likelihood of meeting other tourists in this place is minimal.

You can visit during excursions: "The Lost World" and "Explorer".

9. Kaew Chan waterfall.

The 9-level waterfall is located on the border with the Union of Myanmar, in the Ratchaburi province. The most popular healing hot springs in Thailand are located literally a kilometer from the waterfall. You can swim in the waterfall.

Waterfall You can visit during the excursion: "Alpaca Park".

10. Haew Su Wat Waterfall.

Located in Khao Yai National Park. It is the most famous waterfall in Thailand among foreign tourists, thanks to the fact that it was filmed in the movie "The Beach".

This place can be visited during the excursion: Khao Yai.

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