Blue Lake

Blue Lake In the footsteps of the Leopard.
Author's tour to the lake Cheo Lan from Pattaya.
It is held in the presence of a group of 4 people.
The price is 15000 ฿/ person.
Children take only 11 years old.
Order in advance. Prepay.

Guide and professional local tracker - Rambo participate in the campaign.
He will have a first-aid kit and emergency equipment.
This original tour is carried out only in the period from mid-autumn to mid-summer.

Blue Lake - not the standard extreme exclusive tour for three days and two nights.
We will visit wild jungle National Park, where he had been not so much people and nature is preserved in its original form.
Around the big blue lake Cheo Lan, in the center of Suratthani province, there are still wild animals that you can meet in this tropical jungle. There you can see Asian elephants, tigers, Malayan tapirs and various monkeys

So, the expedition on the lake Cheo Lan - this is not a standard survey of local curiosities, and exciting adventure and unique adventure into the world of incredible scenery, sets bizarre rocks, colorful and exotic wildlife of the jungle, fabulous plants.

Tour program Blue Lake In the footsteps of Leopard

The first day

Departure from Pattaya - about 6.00. After two hours, we will visit the park Khao Eoy. Here in the mountain is the original Buddhist temple. Its entrance is guarded by a monkey. Inside the room is epic, with the face of Buddha.

Then we proceed past the Hua Hin and stop for lunch in a picturesque bay - Prachuap Khiri Khan with many small islands and attractions, bordered by a magnificent beach with white sand.

In the evening we arrive at the hotel, located in a mountainous area with beautiful cliffs. From the windows of the bungalow you can enjoy spectacular views.

The hotel has a swimming pool where you can swim. The hotel has a swimming pool where you can swim. After a short rest, a jungle night trip with a local Thai guide will be organized. Explorer will show you the rich flora and fauna of the Thai jungle. Hiking slightly is extreme, be careful.

Ranger spent all his life in the jungle and will show you how you can avoid a particular hazard. Follow the guide. You will have a flashlight and a stick. If you do not want to go to the jungle, you can not do this and sit in a cafe, bar or have a massage. People who return from an extreme night walk expect a good dinner.

Second day

Breakfast. Then we relax on the Blue Lake. Having passed a small path, we will find ourselves on the shore of the fantastic pond Cheo Lan, from where a boat will go to the National Park. The water in the lake is very clean, you can swim. We'll stop at a small pier area, right in the middle of the lake.

The station will have lunch, rest and swimming.
After this, will be safari in the rainforest. We will go to clean, cool streams with small cascades of falling water. Along the way, we will feel the presence of wild animals nearby, perhaps even meet with them.

Next we come to the underground grotto where to go down to see the unusual waterfall inside. In the underground cave you will walk to the waist in the water, and then we will fall into the middle of the cave, where you can see a small waterfall.

After all, we will return to base. A little rest, tea, coffee, swimming at will. Then return to the hotel for dinner.

Day three

On the final day of the trip, after breakfast, we are waiting for the road back.
Along the way, stop at a clean and sparsely populated beach. Will lunch and swimming.

Around 6 pm we will observe a surprising phenomenon - from the mountains at dusk flies a whole bunch of bats at night hunt.
Arrival in Pattaya at 23.00 on the third day.

Tour Blue Lake photo

Blue Lake

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