Evening Pattaya

Evening Pattaya - a sightseeing tour.

Price: 1500 ฿.
Departures: daily. From hotels 16.00-16.30, return at 22.00. Russian guide, speaks English. Without prepayment.

Included: transfer, guide, tickets, show transvestites, dinner.
Take with you: money, photo-video.
Minimum travel time, a maximum of gorgeous landscapes (no races to shops and pharmacies).

Sightseeing tour Evening Pattaya - description

Evening Pattaya or Evening Sightseeing! You will enjoy the chic panoramas, see how wealthy people live in Thailand, will spend a pleasant evening in Pattaya. Included a great evening meal and a small travesty-lady-boy-show at the Ban Sukhavadi Palace.

Big Buddha Hill

First, in the light excursion program Evening Pattaya, we meet the sunset on Pattaya’s main observation point, Big Buddha’s Hill, are in no hurry and contemplate. From here you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the entire Pattaya city. Around this site in a circle are Buddha figures, which are identified with a specific day of the week! You can find your day and make a wish.

Ban Sukhavadee

The next and main point of the tour is the magnificent, famous palace of one of the richest people in Thailand, the Chicken King, Mr. Panya.

Millionaire created a magnificent palace and park composition, which has become famous throughout the world and is included in the program of many excursions in Pattaya. There is also a separate trip to Ban Sukhavadee.

The main building in the park is a statue of the Goddess of Mercy of pure gold, decorated with various diamonds, sapphires, emeralds.

This statue is considered one of the most expensive on the planet! It is difficult to determine its exact value. It is a holy place for all adherents of the Buddhist religion. The Goddess of Mercy especially willingly fulfills women's desires (happiness in personal life, assistance in the birth of children).

From the highest building of the palace complex offers a gorgeous view of the park and the Gulf of Thailand. We will also see a sunset there!

In addition, we will see an absolute copy of the Emerald Buddha. The original performance is only in the Royal Palace, in Bangkok, which also has a separate tour of the Bangkok classic. A copy of emeralds too.

At the end of the tour, Evening Pattaya, we will test a terrific dinner of various dishes in the palace (a paradise for lovers of sweets, a lot of desserts) and visit a mini-show with transvestites.

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