Five Wonders

Five Wonders. Gardens parks galleries.
Departure by day: Wednesday, Saturday, if there is a group of at least 4 people.
Approximately from 8.00 to 17.00.
Price: 2000 ฿. Children up to 120 cm 1200.

all tickets, Russian guide, transfer, lunch.
Take with you:
hat, money for personal expenses, video-photo camera.

Five Wonders of Pattaya

Five Wonders of Pattaya - a variant of a sightseeing tour around Pattaya. Our tour will affect the beautiful unusual places of the glorious city, art and culinary show. Five Wonders of Pattaya - suitable for all categories of guests: family visit, for new arrivals and experienced tourists!

List of places on the tour Wonders of Pattaya: Ban Sukhavadi Palace, Gallo Van Gogh Gallery! Spice Garden, Lunch, Ice City

1. Ban Sukhavadee Palace

Five Wonders

The first item on our tour is the Palace of the Chicken King - an example of magnificence, luxury and peace. The place where Ban Sukhavadee is located is very picturesque, on the coast of the Gulf of Siam, with a magnificent view of the sea. The palace was created by famous architects and designers in Thailand. Around the building there are sculptures, parks and other buildings.

2. Hello, Van Gogh!

Five Wonders

The next item is an art gallery, Hi Van Gogh! The gallery is owned by Koreans who have already opened many similar galleries all over the planet. Not so long ago, they decided to do it in Pattaya.

This art gallery consists of several rooms, where meditative music of classical composers sounds, and on the walls are displayed, with the help of high technology, unique projections of the paintings of famous masters: Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Renoir, Cezanne. In all premises it is allowed to sit, roll on the grass, drink coffee, meditate and even sleep

3. Spice Garden

Five Wonders

We go further to the Spice Garden, where there is a unique museum of spices, where we will tell the story of the emergence of popular and rare spices and seasonings and tell about the process of producing these. Let's see the ancient technologies for growing, collecting, processing and obtaining ready-made spices, we will see the opium hall and the botanical garden with growing spicy plants.

There will also be a culinary show where the master-chef of Thai cuisine will show the secrets of local cuisine and will teach you how to prepare famous dishes: a salad of green papaya-som there, a legendary soup with shrimps - Tom Yam Kung and fried rice with chicken - kao pad kai.

Here you will have a delicious lunch and a spice store.

4. Frost city

Frost magical ice

The last place of our excursion Five Wonders is the ice city of Frost.

Sculptures, heroes from legends, photo frames, Siamese symbols - everything is made of ice. In the Ice Bar you can taste a drink from a glass of ice, and, if desired, break it against the ice wall, and you can also ride on ice slides!

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Short tour schedule Five Wonders

  • 8.00 Departure from hotels in Pattaya.
  • Ban Sukhavadee Palace.
  • Gallery Hello, Van Gogh!
  • Spice Garden.
  • Magical Ice Of Siam - “Song of Ice and Flame”.
  • 17.00 Return to the hotel.

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