Frost magical ice

Frost magical ice Pattaya.
Price 800 ฿, child up to 120 cm 600 ฿.
Departure daily at 9.00.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Tour includes:
transportation, entrance fees, ice drink in the ice pile, as well as a warm down jacket.
Take: money, photo-video, good mood.

Frost magical ice Description

The Frost magical ice of Siam is the only ice city in Thailand.

You will feel yourself at the North Pole. What to do in this place::

  • ride on ice slides,
  • take pictures of ice sculptures made by the best masters,
  • drink from an ice glass and then break it for good luck,
  • to really freeze (the temperature is -10),
  • and after visiting the cold hall, stroll along the thematic alley, where sculptures from Indian and Thai mythology are presented in bright white

The highlight of the Frost magical ice of Siam project was a warm karaoke pool amidst snowdrifts. Here, tourists are invited to swim in the company of real dolphins and Thai "mermaids".

The most cheerful visitors will be able to show their vocal data in karaoke, where a wide repertoire of popular music is presented. Employees constantly maintain a negative temperature in the Ice House. You can always fill up energy reserves in one of the different restaurants, as well as drink warming drinks.

Project Frost magical ice of Siam undoubtedly causes great interest not only from Europe tourists, but also tourists from all over Asia and Thailand, respectively. Many Thais, as well as other Asians, have never seen snow.

Ice City itself consists of two parts:


This is a park of ice figures, the so-called “warm zone”. Here you can walk along the thematic avenue. The creators made the statues of the sparkling white sand, like snow. Plots from Ramayana, Indian and Thai epic. During the walk you will see trees with snowy crowns, as if covered with hoarfrost, and in the evening everything looks especially beautiful.

Siamese heaven

And finally, the ice city itself, where it is rather cool, the average temperature is minus 8-10 degrees, so at the entrance a person will give you valenki, jackets, headphones and mittens. The creators of the city made everything from snow and ice: slides, snowmen, chairs, tables and walls.

The staff will offer you a free cold drink in the ice bar, which is served here in a glass of ice floe. After drinking a drink, you can safely throw the glass on the floor and break it for good luck! In addition, in the icy city of Frost Magical Ice of Siam there is a heated karaoke pool, a photo booth and a souvenir shop.

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