Metal Art Gallery

Metal Art Gallery in Pattaya.Not available yet

Price: 1200 ฿ per car + 100 ฿ / person tickets.

Daily. Duration 2-3 hours. Without a guide. No prepayment.
The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Some art products are available for purchase.

The price includes: transfer, entrance ticket.
Take a photo video with you.


45 km from Pattaya, in the direction of the city of Siracha, a very interesting and unusual Art Gallery of metal sculptures opened.

The gallery is open from 9.00 to 18.00 daily. We invite all connoisseurs of metal art.

In the Metal Art Gallery, the creators realized their imagination and creativity into sculptures that are made of unnecessary metal parts. For example, machine parts, auto parts and scrap.

As a result, waste that nobody needed was turned into valuable and original metal artwork. For 10 years, craftsmen have created, designed and manufactured thousands of metal works of art.

A visit to the Metal Art Gallery meets all the safety requirements associated with COVID-19.

Some art products are available for purchase. Gallery has a café and gift shop.

We offer a trip to the Metal Gallery. Rates per trip:

1200 ฿ for a 6-seater car and 1000 ฿ for an 11-seater minibus, with anticipation. Tickets at our place are cheaper than at the box office, the cost of tickets at us is 100/50 ฿, at the box office 250/150 ฿. Child ticket for growth from 90 to 130 cm, up to 90 cm - free of charge.

It is convenient to combine a visit to the Art Gallery with a trip to the Khao Kheo Zoo or the Tiger Zoo. The cost of ordering a car (6/11 seats) without tickets:

  1. MAG - 1200/1500 ฿;
  2. Art Gallery + Khao Kheo - 2200/2400 ฿;
  3. Metal Gallery + Tiger zoo - 2000/2500 ฿;
  4. MAG + Khao Kheo + Tiger zoo - 2600/2900 ฿.

Other galleries in Pattaya can be viewed on the Gallery page.

Russian version of the Metal Art Gallery page.

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