Orchid Spa Pattaya

Orchid SPA Pattaya. Here you will feel the atmosphere of a traditional Thai spa and maximum satisfaction through all five senses.

Orchid SPA is focused on an individual approach to service visitors. Features of the interior - the traditional style of Thai Lanna style, as well as a mixture of ancient and modern Thai methods during procedures.

The salon has space for Thai massage, as well as individual and family rooms.

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Massages Orchid SPA Pattaya

Foot massage Orchid Spa Pattaya

Orchid Spa Pattaya

2 hours 700 ฿.

It is well known that tens of thousands of nerve endings associated with all human organs are focused on human feet.
Traditional Thai foot massage is the best way to influence your body using ancient methods, making you feel younger and aimed at improving your health.

Thai massage Orchid Spa Pattaya

Orchid Spa Pattaya

1 hour 500 ฿.

Traditional Thai massage is the legend itself and the science of not only physical but also psychological healing of the human body. This massage combines the practice of yoga and knowledge of the Thai people, saved from generation to generation. Gentle and sensitive effect on the body provides a truly incomparable result.

Aroma massage

Orchid Spa Pattaya

1 hour 1200 ฿.

Smell and touch are important physiological feelings, and when they affect your body at the same time, the results can be simply fascinating.

Thai aroma-therapeutic oil massage provides relief from fatigue, improved skin, increased energy and just a good mood.

Herbal massage

Orchid Spa Pattaya

1 hour 800 ฿.

Massage is a great opportunity for a pleasant and healthy healing effect. Useful herbs can help you cope with stress, improve your skin condition, relieve muscle pain and eliminate depression. A gentle effect on your body by an experienced massage therapist will make you feel younger, healthier and more confident.

Programs Orchid SPA Pattaya


Massage in Thailand

2 hours / 2 500 ฿.

This magnificent procedure will make you feel like a queen! Starting with a gentle but effective body scrub and the subsequent amazing massage with fragrant oil, this process will relieve fatigue and strengthen your body.

This package is combined with a unique facial treatment. We guarantee that your skin will shine. Allow yourself to enjoy this treatment!


Orchid Spa Pattaya

2 hours / 2500.

This unique body treatment gives you 2 hours of relaxation and harmony in your mind, body and soul. The goal of this treatment is to relieve stress and refresh your body.
As a bonus, a deep sense of bliss is provided by herbal therapy with hot compresses filled with various spices and herbs. Life is too short, you need to indulge yourself more often!

Paradise in Orchid

Massage in Thailand

2 hours / 3000 ฿.

Paradise of Orchid includes a special aromatic oil massage, an excellent body scrub and nourishing milk mask that will make your skin soft and smooth from the first treatment.
The gentle touch of mineral water adds freshness to the skin. After treatment, your face will feel stronger and healthier. Treat yourself to a relaxing treatment.

Orchid Secret

Massage in Thailand

2 hours / 3000 ฿.

This treatment is your first step to paradise! After a relaxing massage with aroma oil, soft body scrub and oil mask, you will get an amazing body wrap.

The front program of this package will be with easily visible results. Our specialists will clean and moisturize your skin by providing a special facial massage technique. Forget all your daily problems!

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