Parody Art Museum Pattaya

Parody Art Museum Pattaya
Daily, anytime. Order in 2 hours.
Price: adult 650 ฿, children up to 120 cm 550 ฿.

Parody Museum in Pattaya
Included: transfer, tickets.
Take along: photos, money, children.

Pattaya Parody Museum is a gallery where classical painting and sculptures are combined with modern trends in order to cheer guests up.
The Parody Museum is on the same line of entertainment as park Art of Love or Hello Van Gogh Gallery!

See all reproductions with humor. The themes of paintings are mostly aimed at universal love for social networks, photo selfies, iPhones.
Visitors enthusiastically climb the gallery and take photos. All exhibits are in full access here. You can touch everything, hug. The light is specially tuned to make great shots.

It is better to go during the day to visit the sculpture park outside.
Parody Art Museum Pattaya is located in the North of Pattaya, on the street with "dolphins".

Other galleries in Pattaya: Art in Paradise, Hello Van Gogh, Art Museum.

What you will see at Parody Art Museum Pattaya.

The Parody Museum is divided into 4 entertainment zones:

Creative Art Zone.

This zone presents the work of many famous artists of the world together and in combination with original modern ideas. For example: Napoleon rides an elephant during Songkran or Salvador Dali buys a kratong for 20 ฿.

Selfie studio zone.

Great place for those who like to take selfies. The coolest and most unique shooting angles for hundreds of unique images with your person in the background, in chic art style colors. You can make a cool avatar to remember this place.

Park area (relaxing and meditative).

This is a park outside the building. The park is designed like a shady garden. Suitable just for walking and relaxing. Around are scattered creative sculptures, graffiti and elements of street art. Guests take photos with pleasure and relax in the atmosphere of an art park. In the near future, the organizers plan to open restaurants and bars here.

Fantastic area.

Fantastic area presents a collection of works by Austrian master Gustav Klimt. This is a gallery and a three-dimensional media room.

Russian version of the Parody Art Museum Pattaya page.

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