Pattaya Review

Pattaya Review. Gardens parks galleries. The tour is not yet available.

Price: 2000 ฿ / person.
The tour will take place if there is a group of more than 4 people.
Time of the excursion 12.30-22.00.
Russian guide, speaks English.

Pattaya Review - option of a sightseeing tour of Pattaya for the whole family, where it will be interesting for adults and children. The tour is held in the afternoon.

Included: transfer, tickets, guide. Take: photo-video, money, headgear.

1. 13-00 The Beard Teddy Museum

Sightseeing tour

The first point of the excursion Pattaya Review- a kind, original, giving only positive emotions - the museum of toy teddies Teddy. Imagine, there are 12 rooms in the museum! Children very like it! As conceived by the organizers of the museum on Teddy Bears Island, you get on a multi-colored boat in which you sit at the entrance to the museum.

Bears "live and work" and embody different images and different eras in a dozen rooms to the accompaniment of musical and visual effects:

  • ancient Indians, extinct predatory lizards,
  • archaeological excavations, African savanna,
  • Ancient Siam, Diving, Eskimos, New Year,
  • Galaxy, myths, China, European countries.

A cute teddy bear will guide you through the creation of civilization. Will head the Inca tribe and will be with you throughout the visit of the museum in the images of the heroes of films and animation.

Different, cheerful, stylish Teddy will give you a positive charge for the whole day! Here you can make a mischievous, childish or family photo session!

2. Second point is Floating Market

Pattaya Review

Not only on the River Kwai, but also in Pattaya, you can see an exotic floating market - a place where the cultural values of all provinces and regions of the Kingdom unite.

Floating wooden pavilions with products and small boats filled with vegetables and fruits are used as showcases and marketplaces in this market. Here you can take a ride on a local boat and see the organization of trade markets in old Thailand. If you wish, you can buy your favorite product.

3. Shop Duty free "King Power Pattaya"

Sightseeing tour

A real paradise for shoppers. Perfumes and cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, everything from the most famous brands - everything is sold cheaper at a price than at the airport. Please note that in order to make purchases in the duty-free shop, copies of the passport and a return ticket from Thailand are required.

4. And the last point of Pattaya Review: show - cabaret Alcazar

Pattaya Review

An eccentric unforgettable sight will be a good end to a bright day! More about the transvestite show you can find on the Alcazar show page.

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