Show Black Pattaya

Show Black Pattaya. The tour is not yet available.

Price: 1000 ฿ standard and 1200 ฿ VIP seats.

Duration 60 minutes. Beginning: 17.00 and 19.30.
Pick up from hotels at: 16.00 and 18.30, respectively.

Every day except Wednesday.
The company offers an individual two-way transfer (from two people) and a ticket.
Take a photo with you, money.
Black show is suitable for the whole family.

Pattaya Black Show - description.

Pattaya has opened a new theater of magic, laser animation and light - Show Black Pattaya. The Pattaya Black Show is a unique performance that comes to life on stage with a sparkling mixture of laser effects and magic tricks.

In the image of the Black Light Show, which is known throughout South Korea.

Super-entertaining, lively show for all adults and children. Continuous fun and applause will accompany all the action on the stage.

This is like Tuxedo and KAAN two in one.

The performance lasts an hour and a half, the hall is divided into 176 VIP seats and 295 standard seats. Two shows per day, except Wednesday.

Show Black Pattaya consists of the following 7 amazing pieces:

  • The world's best TronLED LED show. Very impressive!
  • Scene Mask of black light.
  • Illusion scene in the style of Las Vegas.
  • Dance of moving light.
  • Unique performance with lasers.
  • 3D multi-animated laser show.
  • Comic interactive scenes with the participation of the public and access to the audience.

The theater building is located in the northern part of Pattaya. In the theater, clean, comfortable, the staff every time does the cleaning and processing of the hall. Much attention is paid to the safety of the audience.

Note that at the box office price: 1000 ฿ standard and 1200 ฿ VIP seats. No transfer. So it’s cheaper with us anyway.

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