Visa to Thailand. If you are visiting Pattaya on vacation and decided to stay here at any time, we can assist in obtaining a visa to Thailand.

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Option 1 Tourist visa to Thailand STV (Special Tourist Visa)

For everyone who wants to relax and live in Thailand for a long time (2-8 months or more), our company offers assistance in obtaining a tourist visa STV (Special Tourist Visa).

A visa is issued for 60 + 60 + 60 days, every 60 days you need a border run (travel abroad), for example, you can go to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or any other country.

From Pattaya every week we organize a boarder run to Cambodia, or you can go on an excursion to Siam Reap (visit Angkor Wat). If you enter Thailand in the last days of the validity of the visa, then they put a stamp for another 60 days, in total, the maximum is 4 times 60 days.

The cost of a visa is 20,000 baht.
The term for issuing a visa is 20 days.
All documents are sent electronically by mail, you do not need to send your passport anywhere. The visa also comes in electronic form.
To apply for a visa, you need to send us the following documents by mail:

  • a good quality scan of your passport;
  • photograph on a white background;
  • selfie with an open passport in hand;
  • contract for rental housing in Thailand (if not, we can draw up);
  • medical insurance for six months (if not, we can arrange);
  • reservation of air tickets in both directions (if not, we can book);
  • certificate from the bank in English on the availability of money in the account in the amount
  • equivalent to 2000 USD (if not, we can help to get it).
    When applying for an STV visa with us, we give a code by which you can find out at any time about the stage and status of your visa.

Option 2 Visarun in Cambodia to Siam Reap

The price of the tour is 15000 baht. We are traveling from 2 people. For each next person: +9000 baht.

While you are relaxing in a luxury hotel in the best tourist resort of Cambodia -  ReSiamap, your passports are sent to Phnom Penh with an employee of our company for a visa and returned back.

The tour is designed for 4 days 3 nights.
During your stay in Siam Reap, you will additionally be offered guided tours to Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap Lake.

Travel time:

  • Pattaya - border: 3.5 hours.
  • Border - Siam Reap: 2 hours

The cost of the tour depends on the number of people in the group. Tourist visa to Thailand (60+30) is included in the tour price. Also included in the price is a visa to Cambodia, insurance, Thaipass, a hotel in the center of Siam Reap with breakfast (4 days 3 nights), all transfers, guide escort when passing through the borders.

Advantages visaran tour to Cambodia:

  • There is no need to take covid tests, which nullifies the risk of being quarantined in case of a positive result.
  • Personal presence at the embassy is not required. Our employee will prepare and hand over all the documents for a visa, and lear will receive a passport with a ready visa.
  • VIP passage through the land border in both directions. No unnecessary questions and biased inspections.
  • Comfortable new cars during transfers, polite drivers.
  • We will prepare all the documents necessary for obtaining a visa for you.

Option 3. Student annual visa

Student annual visa for holders of 30-day stamps and tourist visas, without leaving Thailand - 29,000 baht.

Option 4. Retirement visa

In addition to the above types of visas, we provide assistance in obtaining a NON O visa, and specifically a pension one.

A retirement visa is issued to those citizens who are over 50 years old. Suitable for those who decide to settle in Thailand for a long time or permanently.


You need a passport and a bank account (namely, Bangkok bank). If you do not have an account and cannot open one, we will open one for you. The price for opening an account is 6000 ฿.

If it is a new visa, the price is ฿27000. If together with the bill, then 33000 ฿.

If you already have a retirement visa and you only need to renew it, the price is ฿16,000.

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