Visa to Thailand. If you are visiting Pattaya on vacation and decided to stay here at any time, we can assist in obtaining a visa to Thailand.

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The first variant. Visarun in Cambodia.

Suitable for those who have decided to extend my stay in Thailand for no longer than a month.
Condition. Your passport should not be used more than two visas in Cambodia over the past six months. Otherwise, there is no guarantee.


  • On the morning after you arrive at the hotel, driven to the border with Cambodia.
  • Arrival at the border.
  • While you wait, it will be a free lunch.
  • You go across the border and return back immediately. On the Thai checkpoint you put a stamp on the visa-free stay in Thailand for a month.
  • Then drive back to Pattaya. Return around 15.00-16.00. The end.

Price: 2500 ฿
The price includes a shuttle back and forth, all the documents, lunch, Visa.
Bring a passport !!! 3/4 2 photo (if not, you will photograph on the border of ฿ 100)

Option 2 A trip for a tourist visa to Laos.

Suitable for those who want to stay in Thailand for 3 - 6 months.

No matter what you have in your passport. Suitable for all.


  • At 18.00 you pick up from your hotel in Pattaya.
  • The way to the border with Laos is a long, arrive at about 5.00 am. Before the opening of the border you will draw up documents.
  • The border opens at 6.00. Intersect, and you immediately taken to the Thai Embassy in Vientiane.
  • There you rent a ready-made package of documents and have taken to the hotel. All the necessary papers you will be qualified to register. You only need to put a signature.
  • In Laos, you inhabit in a separate room lovely, comfortable hotel.
  • Dinner. Free time. Look at Vientiane. Since Laos former French colony, there can be relatively inexpensive to buy cheese and other products.
  • Around 18.00 dinner and free time again. The hotel is located near the seafront on the Mekong River. There you can take a walk through the night market to buy souvenirs and clothes, sit in a restaurant with views of the Mekong and try the famous beer "Birlao".
  • Breakfast in the morning and carry you to the embassy, which is awarded with the coveted passport visa to Thailand.
  • Then the road home. The path will be showing films. Return around 22.00-23.00

Visa for 3 months
The cost of ฿ 6,500 for citizens of all countries

Departure: Wednesday and Sunday for sure, sometimes on Mondays and Tuesdays
The price includes a shuttle everywhere, all the documents, all embassy fees, hotel accommodation in the center of Vientiane, full board.
Bring a passport !!! Copy of passport photo 3 3/4 (if not, you will photograph on the border of ฿ 100)

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