Visa to Thailand. If you are visiting Pattaya on vacation and decided to stay here at any time, we can assist in obtaining a visa to Thailand.

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Option 1 One day visa run to Cambodia.

Departure at approximately 6.00, return at 16.00.

Price 4000 baht. Prepayment.

If the visa history is complicated (there were covid stamps, volunteer or student visas, then the surcharge at the border is +2000 baht).

For the unvaccinated, sometimes they are required to pass a test at the border (selectively), 350 baht for the cost of the test, this is additional, paid locally.

Two-day sightseeing trips to Cambodia.
There are also TWO DAY bus tours from Pattaya to Cambodia to Siam Reap (Angkor Wat).

The cost of a group tour is 11,900 baht, children under 12 years old are 10,900 baht.

These excursions can be combined with a visaran. When crossing the border, you will be stamped for another 30 or 45 days.

Option 2. Tour for a Thai Tourist Visa to Cambodia

Tour cost:

Thai visa for 3 months:

  • With accommodation in a 3* hotel ~ 660 $
  • With accommodation in a 4* hotel ~ 800 $

Thai visa for 6 months:

  • With accommodation in a 3* hotel ~ 890 $
  • With accommodation in a 4* hotel ~ 1100 $

Departure from Pattaya every day.


  • Only in Cambodia you can get a visa without an extract from a Thai bank, an extract is suitable from a bank in any country.
  • Personal presence at the embassy is not required. Our employee will prepare and hand over all the documents for a visa, and will receive a passport with a ready visa.
  • VIP - Passage through the land border to Cambodia.
  • Comfortable new cars during transfers, polite drivers.
  • We will help you prepare the documents necessary for obtaining a visa.
  • Rest in the best resort of Cambodia - Siam Riepe, the opportunity to see the wonder of the world - the ancient city of Angkor.

While you are relaxing in a hotel in the resort of Siam Reap, your passports are sent to Phnom Penh with an employee of our company for a visa and returned back.

Time spent in Cambodia 6 days 5 nights. Visa processing time is 5 working days.

During your stay in Siam Reap, you will additionally be offered excursions to Angkor, Tonle Sap Lake and other programs with a guide who speaks Russian.

Travel time:

  • Pattaya - border: 4 hours.
  • Border - Siam Reap: 2.5 hours

Tour program:

First day:

  • Departure from Pattaya.
  • Crossing the border into Cambodia.
  • Check-in at a hotel in Siem Reap.
  • Meeting with an employee of the company, preparation of documents for a visa
  • Free time.

Second day:

Your passports and documents with our staff are sent to the embassy in Phnom Penh. Three working days: Visa processing

Fifth day:

Obtaining passports with a visa and departure to Bangkok.


  • Transfer Pattaya - Siem Reap
  • VIP border crossing without any questions.
  • Assistance in preparing visa documents
  • Hotel in Siem Reap 5 nights - 3 * stars / or 4 * stars with pool and breakfast.
  • Air ticket Siem Reap - Bangkok (hand luggage 7kg)


  • To obtain a tourist visa in Cambodia, you need an account statement in any bank in any country with any amount.
  • If a family, you can extract from one parent, marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child. The statement is also suitable from the online banking application.
  • It takes 5 working days to apply for a visa, the hotel is included in the price for only 5 nights.

Option 3. Tour for a Thai Tourist Visa to Laos

Group tour price 3 days / 2 nights:

  • Citizenship of most countries: ฿9500.
  • Citizenship of some countries (for example Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) - 11000 ฿.

Travel by minibus. Departure every Wednesday and Sunday. For a tourist visa for 60+30 days.

To travel, you must have:

  • Account statement in a Thai bank with 20,000 baht in the account,
  • Photo 3*4, 2 pieces.
  • The passport.

If there is no account in a Thai bank, we will open it within 1 day for 6500 baht + 5900 baht insurance.

Tour program VISA RAS TO LAOS:

1 day.

  • 18.00 Departure from Pattaya. Night on the road in a comfortable bus.

Day 2

  • 7.00 Arrival at the Thai Embassy in the city of Savannakhet, submission of documents for a visa.
  • 11.30 Brunch at the restaurant.
  • 12.00 Check-in at the hotel. Free time.
  • 18.00 Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3

  • 7.00 - 10.00 Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 11.30 Check-out from the hotel.
  • 12.00 Lunch.
  • 14.00 Receiving a passport with a Thai visa at the embassy.
  • 15.00 Departure to Pattaya.

At night, around 3 o'clock in the morning, arrival in Pattaya.
The tour price includes:

Consular fee for Thai tourist visas (60+30), visa to Laos, overnight at the hotel, 4 meals a day, all transfers on a comfortable minibus.

You need to take with you on the road: Passport, 3 photos 3 * 4 on a white background, an extract from a Thai bank with 20,000 baht in the account.

Option 4. Student visa

Student annual visa for holders of 30-day stamps and tourist visas, without leaving Thailand - 31000 ฿. We issue within 30 days.

  • With training 36000 ฿ (English, Thai).
  • Without training 31000 ฿.
  • Renewal every 3 months 5000 ฿.

IF NO DOCUMENTS (Annual contract, chanot and owner's ID with his signature): + 1500 baht.

The manager goes to the address, transfer to the school for visa processing is included (one way).

If before the expiration of the stamp is left:

  • 26-30 day + 4000 ฿ (35000 ฿).
  • 30 or more days 31000 ฿.

These are visa prices without training. If you want with training, then + 5000 ฿.

All you need is a passport, an annual contract for housing and a registration form TM - 30 (if not, we will also issue it).


Only without training. For those who have 25 to 30 days left before the end of the Thai stamp (visa) + 5000 ฿. We issue any day, out of turn!

New! Student visa for 3 and 6 months

Important! This type of visa is ideal for those with an expiring passport!

This visa option will be of interest to those who do not plan to stay in Thailand for a long time, or those who have a passport validity period of less than 12 months, but more than 4 months.

Issued in 5 - 6 weeks.

Visa cost:

  • 25000 baht for 3 months.
  • 35,000 baht for 6 months (paid at the beginning of 25,000 and then another 10,000 baht after three months)

To apply for a visa, you need the following package of documents:

  • a passport with a stamp or a tourist visa, until the expiration of which is 35 days. In exceptional cases, from 31 days is possible (by prior agreement).
  • housing contract, a copy of the chanot and the ID of the property owner with his signature.
    registration form TM - 30.

If there are no documents, we will help to arrange for 3000 baht per set.

If plans change, the visa can be extended up to a year.

Option 5. Retirement Non O

Thailand is one of the best countries in the world for a carefree life of pensioners, the country has a low crime rate, a friendly population, local residents treat the elderly with deep respect and surround them with care and attention. Also, the Thai state is known throughout the world for its excellent medicine, with unique methods of treatment, doctors are highly qualified, all hospitals are equipped with the most modern equipment to date.
And in the Kingdom, prices are not very high, a good climate and environmentally friendly healthy food.
All foreign citizens who are over 50 years of age are eligible for multi-year retirement visas. Visas are issued within 3-4 weeks. To obtain a visa, you only need a passport, we will issue all other documents for you.

Currently, more than half a million foreign citizens in the Kingdom already have multi-year retirement visas.

To apply for a retirement visa, you need to open an account in a Thai Bangkok bank (if you don’t have one, we will help you open insurance for 6500 baht + 5900 baht in one day), put 800 thousand baht into the account (if you don’t have that kind of money, we will put you on account with your money, this service costs 3000 baht).

The cost of opening a retirement visa is 29,000 baht for 15 months, renewal after 15 months - 16,000 baht for every 12 months. You can attach spouses or one child under the age of 20 to a retirement visa, such a visa costs 12,000 baht per year.

Other services in Pattaya

1. Opening an account in the Thai bank Bangkok bank.

Price ฿6000 Visa/Mastercard (+ insurance ฿5900). Time takes approximately 1.5 hours. Full support.

2. Conversion of national driver's licenses to Thai licenses.

Fast, simple and easy! Completion time is one week.

Needed: driving license, passport, registration TM - 30 (if not, we will do it).

We will collect all other documents ourselves.

From you - look into our office for 15 minutes, the next day go with our manager to the doctor for help (20 minutes), to a driving school for half an hour, and a week later for another 1 hour to get to the transport department with us to get a license ( you need your personal presence there, you must sign and be photographed in the department).

The conversion cost is 8000 ฿.

3. New Thai driving license (not conversion):

For three days!

Training 1 day (8 hours), passing the exam (100% pass everything the first time) - 1 day (2-3 hours), obtaining a license in the transport department - 1 day (2-3 hours).

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