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Amazon Network Cartoon Pattaya for all day.
Daily. Departure at 9.30, from water park at 18.00
Price without locker: 1150 ฿ adult,
850 ฿ children under 3 and after 65 too.
With a locker. Price 1200 ฿ adult,
900 ฿ children 3-12 years and after 65 years.
Up to 3 years any option is free.

Amazon Network Water Park is private.
Daily. From two people at any time.
The price is 1500 adult,
1300 child 3-12 years old
If 4 people and more - 1350/1150.
When booking, specify the time of departure from the hotel and from the water park.

Water park Amazon Network for half a day.
Daily. Departure at 12.30, from water park at 6 p.m.
Price without locker: 1000 adult,
800 ฿ children under 3 and after 65 too.
With a locker. The price is 1050 ฿ adult,
850 ฿ children (3-12 years) and after 65 years.
Up to 3 years any option is free.

The cost of a trip to the water park Amazon Network in Pattaya includes:
round trip, tickets.
swimwear, sun cream, photo. When buying children's or pension tickets, be sure to grab a document confirming age!

Amazon Network Water park Pattaya Description

Amazon Network Water Park is located by the sea, in the southern part of Pattaya, near the tropical garden Nong Nooch.
Changing rooms and toilets are new and clean. You can purchase a ticket with a personal safe. The key to the safe is your bracelet with a chip that will be issued at the entrance.

Many slides for children, fountains, swimming pools - all painted with pictures from cartoons, bright and fun.
On the territory, the staff of water park disguised as cartoon characters constantly dance and entertain visitors.
All rides are very high quality. Here and a lot of slides, and a long river, a giant pool with huge waves!

Here you will also find:

  • A gun. Long tunnel with crazy, steep coups.   Thanks to the fast flow and centrifugal force, you will feel as if you flew from the muzzle of a pistol.
  • Banana split. On the slope, like a funnel, you will wash off in a large toilet.
  • Hupa Loop. You will be put into a flask with a hatch and dropped from a height of 14 meters. Extreme sensation of free fall
  • Top. Steep descent from a height of 18 meters. Acceleration to 300 km per hour. Do not forget to go to the toilet in advance!
  • Super-wave. Mega Giant waves in the pool.

And much more!!!

The park has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants for every taste: hamburgers, chicken in any form, a barbecue, a pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant. You do not stay hungry!
Official ticket price to Cartoon Network Amazone 1290 ฿ per person. So with us cheaper.

Waterpark, of course, wonderful!!! Recommended!!!

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