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Rental boats. Charters Yachts in Pattaya.

We offer various options for renting boats, catamarans and yachts in Pattaya for private trips to the islands of the Gulf of Thailand.

Information and rental boats in Pattaya
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The approximate schedule for all yachts:

The program can be changed as you wish.

  • 9.00 Pick up from the hotel.
  • 9.30 Out in the sea from the port.
  • 11.00 Fishing.
  • 12.00 Lunch Warn if vegetarians or have any preferences.
  • 13.00 Diving with masks near a desert island.
  • 14.00 Landing on the island. Bathing, tanning.
  • 16.00 Monkey Island (optional).
  • 17.30 Return to the port.
  • 18.00 We deliver guests to hotels.

If you want to go to the distant island of Koh Pai, the extra charge for fuel is 5000 and 150 по for tickets to the reserve.

All yachts and catamarans have diving and fishing equipment, lunch, drinks, fruit, guide, transfer from the hotel and back are included everywhere.

Catamaran Sea Breeze.

  1. Koh Sak Island Price 20,000 baht with fishing and snorkeling 9:30-17:30.
  2. Koh Pai Island. Price 25,000 baht with fishing and snorkeling 9:00-17:30

Routes to other islands and evening outings are additionally agreed upon according to the wishes of the customers.

Comfortable accommodation for up to 20 people / license for 35 passengers.

On the Sea Breeze catamaran:

  • as barbecue, music (jbl 310),
  • power supply 220 v, usb for charging devices,
  • two decks, a lounge area, shapeless chairs, two toilets and a shower.
  • There are nets in the bow.
  • evening light, 2 SUP boats (skating boards), spinning rods, masks, snorkels.

Included: snorkeling and fishing equipment, instructor, ice for cooling drinks, drinking bottled water.

Meals (+250 bht/per): lunch, fish dishes, fruits, hot and cold drinks.

Take with you: bathing accessories, towel, sun protection.

Sailing catamaran Karisa 2, maximum capacity 25 people.

Package 1. Price 52,000 ฿.

  • 8 hours 09:00-18:00.
  • Direction to the island of Koh Khram, without landing.

Package 2. Price 58,000 ฿.

  • 8 ocloc'k. 09:00-18:00.
  • Destination Koh Pai with the possibility of landing on the beach.


  • Boat with fuel and crew.
  • transfer, entrance tickets to the yacht club and beaches.
  • Refreshments, ice and fruits, lunch
  • Equipment for snorkeling and fishing, SUP board.
  • Beach tables, chairs, mats, speaker, grill (CoPay only).

Price from 25,000 baht for 2 people. If there are more people, the price is calculated individually. Approximately 1500 for each additional person. Departure to the island from Jomtien Beach at approximately 8:30 am.

The trip includes:

  • Riding on a water mattress behind a boat, as well as beach games and entertainment.
  • Delicious breakfast and lunch. Free drinks: Sprite, Colla, Water; Fruits: Watermelons, Pineapples.
  • Equipped beach camping, beach chairs for tourists, lounge bar for rest and food.
  • Speedboat (power from 200 hp to 400 hp, capacity from 10 to 22 people + crew) to the island and back.
  • Snorkeling with masks and fins (Instruction by an experienced guide, good equipment in size).
  • Fishing in the open sea near the island of Koh Phai (Tackle and bait).
  • Riding on an inflatable bun behind a boat.

Paid services:

  • Wakeboarding included briefing, equipment selection, video filming. 2.000 baht - set 20 minutes.
  • Possible spearfishing on the reef with an instructor 3500 baht.
  • Alcohol bar: alcoholic cocktails, beer, whiskey, rum, juice, coconuts.
  • Photographer: from 500 baht (reportage shooting).
  • Sanctum snorkel masks: 200 baht per hour.

Motor yacht Charisma
Price for day: up to 15 people

  • 8 hrs - 73000 ฿.
  • 6 hrs - 65000  ฿
  • 4 hrs - 54000 bht

On the yacht: 2 cabins, saloon, cockpit, small kitchen, toilet, shower, music system.
Included: lunch, drinks, fruits, yacht club tickets, fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Capacious yacht Kwamsook

  • Rental price for 5 hours 65000 ฿.
  • Rental price for 8 hours Koh Kram - 80,000 ฿.

The Kwamsook yacht is equipped with a music system, toilets, showers, a sunbathing area, fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Included: lunch, crew, fishing, snorkeling.

Exit from the port of Ocean Marina, where you need to come on your own. Entrance to the port is paid 50 ฿ (not included in the rent).
The yacht can accommodate up to 45 people. Comfortably accommodates 35 people.

Sailing catamaran LAGOON 400 (2013) Capacity up to 15 people.

Included: yacht with fuel and crew, soft drinks, ice and fruit, snorkeling and fishing equipment, SUP board.


  • 30000 ฿ for 4 hours of walking,
  • 35000 ฿ for 6 hours,
  • 40000 ฿ for 8 hours. Up to 10 people

Additionally paid:

  • Transfer 1500 baht for up to 12 people.
  • Entrance tickets to the yacht club 70 baht / person.
  • Entrance tickets to the beaches 100 baht / person.
  • Meals 500 baht/person.

Trip to Koh Pai +5000 ฿ and 150 ฿/person for tickets to the island.

A catamaran suite is available with access to nearby islands and Monkey Island. Quality service and positive vibes.

  • Cruise around the nearby islands of Koh Khram and Koh Pet 42,000 ฿ for 8 hours.
  • Cruise to Koh Pai - 47000 ฿ for 8 hours.

We offer a new high-speed catamaran for individual boat trips Keshi. The catamaran can accommodate up to 25 people. Comfortably accommodates 20 people.

The catamaran is equipped with a music system, toilet, shower, sun deck, stairs to the beach, fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Departure from Ocean Marina port at 9.00 Return at 18.00.
Included: rest on the island, fishing, snorkeling.

Catamaran Adventure

Price: 42.000 ฿ for a group of up to 15 people.
Catamaran for up to 35 people, maximum duration of the trip up to 6 hours.


  • The catamaran itself with the captain, ice, water on board.
  • Bait and fishing tackle, attributes for scuba diving.

Will: stop next to an uninhabited island for swimming, fishing. Transfer from the hotel and back for an additional fee.

Speedboat Aquamarine. Rental price on the day of ฿ 18,500.

The price includes transfer from your hotel and back on a minibus.
Ideal for companies of three or four people. Maximum of five.

Spidboat quickly whisk you to any island near Pattaya for your choice. As a rule - it is the island of Ko Rin, Ko Ko Khram or Manvichay.

The program includes: holiday on the island, fishing, lunch, diving and snorkeling. There are comfortable cabins, shower and toilet, Wi-Fi, all tackle and bait for fishing.

If you rent for 4 hours, the price is 10.000 ฿. Includes water, ice, bait, tackle, the use of fishing rods and masks with tubes. Program: stop about 1 island, swimming, fishing, snorkeling. Transfer is not included in the price.


4 hours - ฿45,000
6 hours - ฿50,000
8 hours - ฿58,000

Rent luxury boats in Pattaya for private boat trips to the islands near Pattaya. The boat has everything for a VIP vacation. This is one of the most comfortable and equipped yachts in this part of Thailand. Sea adventures, weddings, photo shoots, birthdays and corporate parties on board will make your vacation unforgettable.

Exit from the port of Ocean Marina.

Including lunch, island holidays, guide, unlimited soft drinks, fruits, diving masks. Organization of sea fishing is possible!

Capacity 15 people, 2 cabins, spacious cabin, cockpit, small kitchen, toilet, shower, music system.

Sailing catamaran Freya. Capacity 25 people. cabins, saloon, cockpit, mesh in the bow, small kitchen, toilet, shower, music system.
Rental price for 1 day, 8 hours:

  • 55.000 ฿.
  • Koh Pai Island - an additional 5.000 and 150 per person (tickets to the island).

Included: Soft drink, drinking water, ice seasonal fruits, fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Exclude: Ocean Marina port fees, Island fees (if have), food and beverages, transportation.

Luxury catamaran Ocean Marina - up to 70 people.

Private Charter 73ft Catamaran:

Full day 8 hours - 100,000 baht
6 hours - 80,000 baht
Half day 4 hours - 60,000 THB

Price up to 30 people.

  • 8 hours and 6 hours additional person from 31 to 70 people. THB 500/person
  • 4 hours additional person from 31 to 70 people. 350/person

Koh Phai has an additional charge of THB 50 per person per guest who goes to the beach.

Food and alcoholic drinks are not included. You can purchase all of this on board.

Drinks menu

Lunch menu

Included: coffee and tea, water and ice, fruit (seasonal), towels, two surfboards, fishing tackle, full set of snorkeling equipment, slider, entrance ticket to the ocean pier.

Catamaran Supercat. Capacity 35 people.

Routes and prices:

For 4 hours

  • Koh Khram Island without disembarkation (journey time 1h 20min) - ฿40000.
  • Monkey Island (journey time 1 hour 20 minutes) - 45000 ฿.

At 8 o'clock:

  • Koh Khram island without landing or Monkey island - 60000 ฿.
  • Koh Lan Island (disembarkation is possible) - 60000 ฿.
  • Koh Pai Island (journey time 1h 40min) - ฿68000.

Included: yacht with crew and fuel, drinking water, soft drinks and ice, snorkeling and fishing equipment, SUP board.

Optional: seafood lunch + ฿600. Departure from Ocean Marina port.


  • 9.30 - exit from the club's yachts.
  • 11.00 - fishing.
  • 12.00 - lunch.
  • 13.00 - snorkeling on a coral reef.
  • 14.00 - Koh Kram Noi Island.
  • 16.00 - Monkey Island (optional).
  • 17.30 - return to the yacht club.

The program is adjusted to the wishes of customers.

Motor yacht Princess 48. Capacity: 15 people.

  • 56,000 plus 500 ฿ per person.
  • Koh Pai Island - an additional 5.000 ฿ and 150 per person.

Included: masks and pipes, lunch (Thai and European cuisine), soft drinks.
The boat has: Fully equipped kitchen (microwave, oven, refrigerator, dishes). Shower with fresh water, toilet. 2 cabins, saloon, cockpit, toilet, shower. In the cabin: TV, air conditioning, stereo.

Catamaran Serenity. Maximum 65 people.

Rental price for half day 4 hours.

  • 60.000 ฿ up to 25 people If more than + 300 ฿ for each additional person.
  • for each additional hour + 5000 ฿.
  • extra slider and paddle board + 5000 ฿.

Rental price for 1 day 8 hours:

  • ฿75.000 up to 25 pax plus ฿500 for each additional person up to 65 pax.
  • for each additional hour + 5000 ฿.
  • extra slider and paddle board + 5000 ฿.

Included only: captain, crew, fuel, ice and fishing equipment.

You can include food in the form of 3 packages:

250 ฿350 ฿650 ฿
  • Ticket to Ocean Marina
  • Water, soft drinks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Seasonal fruits.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Towel.
  • Ticket to Ocean Marina
  • Water, drinks, tea, coffee
  • Seasonal fruits.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Towel.
  • Barbecue - chicken, pork
  • Ticket to Ocean Marina
  • Water, drinks, tea, coffee
  • Seasonal fruits.
  • Snorkeling, Towel.
  • Barbecue - chicken, pork
  • Buffet.

Motor yacht Mentagram. Rental boats Pattaya

Price for 8 hours - 56 000 ฿

This yacht has air conditioning, 2 bedrooms. 15 people, 8 hours.

  • Including a set of food and drinks, fishing and snorkeling equipment.
  • Exclude: Ocean Marina port fees, Island fees (if have), transportation.

Yacht with slide Leopard-38. 38 feet, capacity 15 people

Price for a group of up to 10 people.

4 hours 46000 ฿
6 hours 54000 ฿
8 hours 60000 ฿.

If you go to Koh Pai island (only for 8 hours, then the surcharge for fuel is 4000 baht.

Included: seafood lunch, for a group of up to 10 people. A slide for descending into the sea and a hanging pool. Transfer to Ocean Marina port and back.

On board: fishing gear, bait, snorkeling equipment,
coolers with ice, lifebuoys and vests. Exit from the port of Ocean Marina.

There are other options for rental boats, ships and yachts.
If you look at the Boat tours page, then each ship can be rented to a private company. Just book in advance.

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