Jewelry stores Pattaya

Jewelry stores Pattaya. We offer free transfer to the two largest jewelry factories in Thailand, where they make true Asian masterpieces made of precious stones and metals.

We do not recommend buying such things anywhere else, because genuine quality certificates are not always given. And some Thai craftsmen can make such high-quality fakes that only specialists can distinguish them from real products. And when precious stones and gold acquired in this way are exported from Thailand, problems may arise at customs.

So, if you do not know much about diamonds, but you want to buy a high-quality, beautiful and real Thai jewelry, you should visit one or both of Asia’s most famous jewelry brands: World Gems and Gems Gallery.

Order a free transfer to Jewelry stores Pattaya +66 92 109 21 26 Contact via WhatsApp.

You can also order a free transfer to other shopping centers in Pattaya:

Gems Gallery. Jewelry stores Pattaya

Jewelry stores Pattaya

Working hours: 9: 00-18: 00

We invite you to the Mecca of the eastern diamond world - to the factory Gems Gallery. Absolutely free round-trip transportation! You can order a car 1-2 hours before the planned trip.

Service at the highest level. You will walk through the store accompanied by an individual consultant-guide that is attached to customers. He will help you choose and buy jewelry in any language. The Gems  Gallery Jewelry stores Pattaya provides free transportation from your hotel and back to comfortable minivans.

With the purchase of all jewelry made of precious metals, James Gallery issues a certificate of quality. It will contain a photograph of the jewelry and a detailed description of its characteristics: cost, product name, list of precious stones and gold carats. This certificate gives an eternal guarantee for the repair and cleaning of the goods.
And also, at will, you can always replace your product if you no longer like it with something else by paying the difference.

Order a free round-trip transfer, regardless of the purchase by phone +66921092126. To learn more...

Jewelry stores Pattaya - World Gems Collection

Jewelry stores Pattaya

Working hours: 08: 30-18: 30.

Shuttle service is available from 09:00 to 17:00. Free in both directions, regardless of purchase.
The World Gems Collection is the largest jewelry center in Pattaya.
The Pattaya Jewelery Branch (WGC) has a collection of minerals, precious metals from around the world.

In the Kingdom of Thailand, the world famous Siamese rubies, sapphires, amethysts, all kinds of pearls and other precious and semi-precious minerals are mined.
Buying gold and diamonds in World Gems, you do not risk getting a fake. Above all, absolutely all jewelry purchased at World Jams is accompanied by a quality certificate with a guarantee of lifelong restoration in the event of a breakdown.

The extraction of precious stones and the manufacture of products from them in Thailand is not as expensive as in some other countries of the world, which allows us not to set exorbitant prices for products. Everything is quite affordable.
When ordering a transfer to the jewelry centers of Pattaya here, you can get some discounts when you buy jewelry made of gold and precious stones

Order a free round-trip transfer, regardless of the purchase by phone +66921092126. To learn more...

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