Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand standard - Option 1.
Price: 3200 ฿, without ATV 2800 ฿.
Price for a child up to 120 cm 1500 ฿.
Days of departure Tue, Thu, Sun.
Duration 1 day.
Dinner. Russian guide.
Speaks English.
Without prepayment.

Amazing Thailand extreme - Option 2.
Price: 3500 ฿, without ATV 3000 ฿.
Price for a child up to 120 cm 1800 ฿.
Days of departure Tue, Thu, Sun.
Duration 1 day.
Dinner. Russian guide.
Speaks English.
Without prepayment.

Departure at 4.30, return at 20.00.
Take with you: a towel, bathing attributes, breakfast from the hotel, pocket money, change of clothes.
The price includes: transfer, guide, entrance tickets, lunch.

Amazing Thailand Description

Amazing Thailand - an unusual tour. Here you will see such informative moments as unique ritual "burial of failures" and flying foxes, as well as places for lovers of outdoor activities: rafting on the river in the jungle, quad bikes, swimming in waterfalls, a national park.

Funeral failures

Buddhist monastery will interest people who want to start a new life. All losers from Thailand and neighboring countries come here. And you can take part in this action. The bottom line is this: you are carefully placed in a colorfully decorated coffin. The monks walk around, sing the sacred mantras and fumigate you with smoke. You fall into a trance. After some time you become spiritually and physically refreshed. The old aura of good and evil will disappear, and you will start life from scratch.
To participate in the ceremony is optional.

Rafting & lunch

Then there will be rafting on the river. You can arrange a competition with another team, or you can just slowly move along the river and enjoy the scenery on the shore.
Lunch will be waiting for you on the shore.

ATV & Khao Yai National Park

After that, a little extreme on quad bikes on dirt roads.
Then we go to Khao Yai National Park. By the way, there is a separate tour. We swim in a waterfall, walk along hanging bridges, listen to birds and animal cries in the jungle.

At the end of the tour you will enter the monastery of flying foxes, which hang on the trees, and when you arrive, they will fly in flocks.

Other excursions with nature and temples of Thailand can be viewed here.

Itinerary Amazing Thailand standard:

  • 4.30 Departure from Pattaya;
  • 7.00 Stop. Breakfast;
  • 8.00 Buddhist temple, Ritual Funeral failures;
  • 10.00 Rafting;
  • 12.00 ATV racing in the jungle;
  • 13.00 Lunch on the river bank;
  • 14.00 Sarika Falls. Bathing. At the top level, stunning views;
  • 17.00 Temple of the Flying Fox;
  • 20.00 Return to Pattaya.

New Tour Option Amazing Thailand

The new version Amazing Thailand extreme is spent only 3 months in a year: December, January and February. while there is a lot of water in the waterfalls of Khao Yai Park.

Instead of visiting one of the Sarik waterfalls, we will take a boat to three different waterfalls.

You will see magnificent mountain landscapes, cone-shaped green islands scattered around the lake, fantastic views of the waterfalls, one of which we will go by boat, and the other two - along the path in the jungle.

Itinerary Amazing Thailand extreme:

  • Temple of Wat Prammane. Here you can tie a rope for good luck with the blessing of a monk.
  • Magic statue of Buddha Luang Phor Pak Daeng (Buddha with Scarlet lips). Here, desires are fulfilled.
  • Journey on the quad bike through the jungle. Optional.
  • Rafting on the river in the Khao Yai National Park.
  • Temple of "Gensha". Hindu ritual of attracting good luck.
  • Traveling on a long-tailed boat on the lake into the depths of the national park to three waterfalls, with swimming and trekking in the jungle.
  • Temple of 1000 Golden Buddhas.
  • A viewing platform on one of the biggest dams of the kingdom.
  • Temple of Flying Foxes.

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