X Show 69

X show 69 Pattaya.

Price: 1000 ฿.

Daily. Departure from 19.00 to 19.30. If you want to get on the X show 69 today, book before 17.00

Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Included: round-trip transfer and tickets. Duration of the tour 2 hours. No photography allowed. Phones and cameras are stored in the car.


According to the contract, we can’t sell X Show 69 to citizens from Asian countries or with Asian appearance.

Daily departure at 19.00 from Pattaya hotels.

Children and citizens of Thailand are not allowed! Please do not call.

Cost (ticket + transfer): 1000 baht.
At the box office ticket price: 1500 baht.

We DO NOT ACCEPT Citizens of East Asian countries on show 69 (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, East Timor and Papua New Guinea ). Please do not call.

This is not discrimination. If you are from an Asian country, you can take a taxi to go to Show and buy tickets at the box office. Price may be different.

X Show 69 - Overview

Performance for adults only. This will not see on Walking Street.
The one and only, which just need to visit a sex tourist.

Rules X Show 69

Photos and video prohibited. The guards strictly monitor this. They will not even let you into the hall with a mobile phone, all the equipment will need to be given at the entrance or left in the room. Many people search the Internet for video x shows, but it is difficult to find it.

Description X Show 69

Duration Show about an hour and occurs in a circle without stopping and interruptions. 90% of visitors are Japanese and Chinese, although for them the ticket price is much more expensive. Girls usually sit in the front rows and, sometimes, artists invite them to participate in the show.

The scene is in the middle of the hall, and the seats in a circus and amphitheater - around. On stage, there is a real boom boom show, that is, sex. At the same time, many flee to the last rows, and some conversely move to the first and join the action.


Do not sit in the front rows if you do not want to take part in the presentation! Usually the actors perceive this as a signal of a desire to take part in theatrical episodes. X Show will show you some episodes of theatrical action with a special sense of humor on sexual topics.

We organize this trip only with a transfer from your hotel. If you go yourself, the driver will not look for you there to buy tickets for you. Near the entrance is always full of people and it is quite difficult.

If you want to go by yourself, then you have to buy tickets at the ticket office, and the price directly to Show 69 Pattaya is 1500.

Such a show is Big Eye. Often it is also called the Russian show, because Slavic strippers perform there.

X show 69



  1. Hello i an English my partner is Thai

    We want to see a sex show, are the sex shows good do you see everything ?

    who long is this for when you get inside there

    Where abouts is it in Pattaya ?

  2. WIll they sell ticket to Indian national if purchased from box office? How much would be the ticket price for an Indian (single), if buy ticket from box office?

  3. I am in Pattaya my number pattaya number 0925416769
    we want to go today
    call immediately

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