Dream World

Dream World from Pattaya

Price: 1500 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 1300.

Daily. Departure at 8.00, from the park at 16.00.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Dream World + Dinner in the Bayok Skye.

Price: 2800 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2400 ฿.
Even days. Check out at 8.00, back at 19.00.
Without a guide.

Dream World with lunch + Mahanakhon tower.

Price: 2800 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2400 ฿.
Even days. Start at 8.00, from the park at 16.00.
Without a guide.

Included: transfer go and back, ticket, lunch.
Everything except carting, 4 D cinema and snow slides (180) is included.
With you: swimsuit, towel, money, photo.

Dream World Description

Dream World is inspired by the famous Disneyland with lots of rides, fairy tale characters, beautiful scenery and landscapes. Disneyland in Bangkok causes a lot of enthusiastic emotions in children and adults.

Many very interesting moments await you in this park.

  • Ancient Egypt, Cambodia ancient monuments,
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hindu temples,
  • Chinese Wall, a town with a rotating attractions,
  • palaces of fairy tales characters,
  • carriage - pumpkin of Cinderella,
  • cave-tomb of Sleeping beauty.

In Disneyland in Bangkok, the organizers created a perfectly groomed decorated area. A huge number of coatings of different colors is impressive.

Visitors strolling through the park passing by the various thematic areas:

  • The world of fairy tales,
  • 7 wonders of the world,
  • garden of beautiful flowers.
  • Dream Park Area. All concerts, festivals and shows are held in this place.
  • Garden of dreams. An ideal place for photo shoots. Designers made a landscape with waterfalls, lakes, fountains, beautiful avenues. There usually love to walk couples.
  • Fantasy world. Several extreme rides. Among them is a hurricane or tornado. Will appeal to all fans of extreme sports.
  • Territory desperate adventure for the brave. All the best moments are gathered in this area: roller coaster, rafting on the Grand Canyon, Ladia Viking. Room of fear..
  • In the country of dreams there are also several water attributes, one of which - Super splash, will appeal to all without exception.

You can ride the cable car to the trailer and contemplate the beautiful flowers and other compositions.

In addition to Dream World, we recommend visiting the water slides in Siam Park.

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