Dream World

Dream World from Pattaya

Group option

Only Dream World

Price: 1750 ฿. Price for a child 1750.
Daily. Departure at 8.00, from the park at 16.00. Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Dream World + Dinner in the Bayok Skye.

Price: 2800 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2400 ฿.
Even days. Check out at 8.00, back at 19.00. Without a guide.

Dream World with lunch + Mahanakhon tower.

Price: 2800 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2400 ฿.
Even days. Start at 8.00, from the park at 16.00. Without a guide.

Included: transfer go and back, ticket, lunch.
Everything except carting, 4 D cinema and snow slides (180) is included.
With you: swimsuit, towel, money, photo.

Private option Dream World (lunch + 200 ฿)

  • Round trip car with waiting: 5500 ฿ (1-5 pax); 6500 ฿ (6-12 people).
  • Entrance tickets, price with us: 650 ฿ / adults, 650 ฿ / children.

Dream World Description

Dream World is inspired by the famous Disneyland with lots of rides, fairy tale characters, beautiful scenery and landscapes. Disneyland in Bangkok causes a lot of enthusiastic emotions in children and adults.

Dream World - Disney Land. DAILY!

Group excursion from Pattaya and Bangkok.

The park is located in Bangkok. We travel by 13-seater minibus from Pattaya for about 1.5 hours along the expressway toll.

The park Dream World is divided into 4 thematic zones:

Dream World Plaza, Dream Garden, Fantasy land and Adventure land. There are signs everywhere, so it's impossible to get lost.

1. Dream World Plaza - Square. This area is the main area for shows, parties, festivals, carnivals and other entertainment events. Also in this area you will see miniature copies of famous world landmarks, such as the Egyptian Pyramids of Cheops, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and much more.

2. Dream Garden - Dream Garden. Here you will see artificial waterfalls, many fountains, flower arrangements, interesting sculptures of incredible beauty. Just walking through this area is a lot of fun, taking countless colorful and unusual photographs.

3. Fantasy land - Fantasy Zone. This area contains many attractions, as well as the homes of various cartoon characters. You can visit Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, sit on Cinderella's carriage, and visit the Giant's house. There is Uncle Tom's Animal Farm. The farm is home to various birds, sheep, and goats, which you can pet and feed.

4. Adventure land. It is in this zone that all the extreme attractions are located. If you like adrenaline, then this is definitely the place for you. You will find roller coasters, magic carpets, tornadoes and other attractions. Many rides go through water, after which all the clothes become wet. However, in tropical climates things dry out quickly. But if you don’t want to get wet, then wear a raincoat. There are also many attractions for children.

In addition to Dream World, we recommend visiting the water slides in Siam Park.

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