Emerald country

Emerald country Tour from Pattaya to the mountainous provinces of Burma and Thailand for 3 days. Price varies with the season and the number of people. We take children from 10 years. There are no discounts.

The price includes: transport by bus or plane; if necessary - air tickets; hotel in Umphang - 2 nights; all tickets; off-road safari; nutrition; guide.
Ride a VIP minibus with comfortable seats. No more than 8 people.

Emerald country. Tour from Pattaya - description

A unique and exclusive trip to the little-known mountainous provinces of Burma and Thailand on a visit to the highest waterfall of Southeast Asia - Tilosu. Visa to Burma is not needed!

Tour Emerald country will begin in the town of Mai Sot. To this place we are going from Pattaya on a VIP minibus, or you can by plane. Crossing the border will be short and you will find yourself in the colorful city of Burma Maiwadee, lost between the mountains.

The local guide will have a sightseeing tour before noon. You will see the magnificent temples of Myanmar, the artifact - the hair of the Buddha, we will study the real life and the lives of the people of Burma.
Then we will return to the Thai Kingdom, and check in to the best hotel in the town of Mai Sot and continue the next morning along the mountain serpentine in Umphang.

The route Mai Sot - Umphang is called Heavenly. The views around are unique. Local ethnic groups live in the villages around. In the most picturesque places we stop to rest.
Umphang is a small, tranquil town in the middle of the mountains where the river Meklong (Kwai) and Umphang join. Near the town, these rivers take their source, and the water here is clear and clean.

The pride of the local national wildlife park is the three-tiered Tilosu waterfall. This is the highest waterfall in Southeast Asia. In the morning around the waterfall you can see a lot of rainbows. Behind the waterfall there is a cave and a pool where you can swim.

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Emerald Country Program

1 day

  • 6.30 Departure to the airport. Flight to Mai Sot.
  • 10.40 Arrival at Mai Sot and meeting with the guide.
  • 11.30-12.30 Mai Sot sightseeing tour. Lunch.
  • 13.30-17.30 Burma. The monastery, where the hair of the Buddha, the golden chapel, the miraculous temple and the sights of the city Mayvadi, also we will visit the observation deck.
  • 17.30 Back to Thailand and departure to Umphang.
  • 19.30-20.30 Dinner in the mountain valley.
  • 20.30 City of Umphang. Hotel on the shore.

2 day

  • 7.40-8.40 Breakfast.
  • 9.20 Tilosu Reserve.
  • 10.30-12.20 Jeep Safari in the National Park to the Tilos Falls on forest roads in the real jungle.
  • 12.30-14.30 Halt at the Tilosu waterfall. Lunch - picnic in nature with beautiful scenery.
  • 14.30-17.30 Back to the hotel.
  • 19.30-20.30 Meal in the best restaurant of the city.

3 day

  • 7.10-8.10 Breakfast.
  • 8.20 Departure from Umphang.
  • 10.30-11.30 Orange Falls - a miracle of nature.
  • 12.30-13.30 Lunch at the Center restaurant in Mai Sot.
  • 15.30-16.30 Excursion around the town Tak. Unusual hinged bridge.
  • 16.20-1.20 The road home. On the way to the restaurant.
  • 1.30 Arrival in Pattaya.

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