Paradise River Kwai

Paradise River Kwai.

Group option daily

Adult 3900 ฿. Price for children up to 125 cm 2900 ฿.

Private option any day

1 person - 22000 ฿
2 people - 25000 ฿
3 people - 28000 ฿
4 people - 30000 ฿
5 people - 33000 ฿
6 people - 36000 ฿

Days of departure daily around 4.30. Return the next day at 20.00. Single number + 300.
Duration 2 days. Russian guide speaks English.

Included: transfer by large or small bus, national park fee, three meals a day, soft drinks and fresh fruit, insurance, Russian-English-speaking guide, accommodation at the Sweet Garden Kwai Resort or (Paradise Resort), rafting on the River Kwai, visiting radon springs and elephant trekking.

Take with you: a copy of the passport, money, towels, swimwear, a hat, clothes with closed shoulders and knees for the monastery.

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Visiting a home farm for processing coconuts, a chocolate factory only at the request of tourists. Depending on traffic or delays in the program, some positions may change places. Massages for an additional fee at the hotel. 300 baht per hour

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Paradise River Kwai Description

Paradise River Kwai - another version of a two-day excursion to the north-western part of the country, Kanchanaburi province. A magnificent hotel with a swimming pool and improved cuisine. The hotel is located partly on the water (pantones), and partly on the beach.

Day 1

The tour starts early in the morning. The first item is a visit to the coconut house of a farmer and a coconut processing farm (Optional, at the request of tourists).

Tiger Cave Temple and Floating Market

Next on schedule are canoeing along the canals and a visit to the floating market.

Then we will go to the big Temple of the Tiger Cave, where you will get acquainted with Buddhism, make wishes and purify karma.

You will also see the footprint of the Buddha.
After a short transfer we will have lunch in a restaurant where you will be served European food.

Waterfall, Mineral springs Hindad

The journey will continue in the park "Erawan" - a wonderful jungle on the slopes of the mountains, where there is a magnificent waterfall. On the forest path, you can move from one level of the waterfall to another. On all seven levels, the water cascades fall from the height into the natural bowls. About 3.5 hours we spend in this amazing park. After that, we take hot mineral baths. Outdoors, you will feel your body being cleansed!


The morning of the second day will begin with rafting along the river in lifejackets or on a raft. You will swim 6 km.
Then you will go to the famous pharmacy in Kanchanaburi province, where real herbal medicines, collections, tinctures are presented.
And after you will be offered a tasting of Thai herbal tea and tea. There you can pamper yourself with natural oils and rare varieties of quality tea.


After that, you will visit the village of elephants, as well as riding on these charming animals. For a small extra fee, you can swim in the river with elephants!

The second waterfall is Sayok Noi, where you will get acquainted with the "Dear of Death".

Next, guests will have lunch at a Thai restaurant on the banks of the River Kwai, and then return to Pattaya.

Also in the hotel you can ride a buggy (2 people 1700 ฿ / hour) and take a fishing rod (200 ฿) to try to catch fish!

When you are going to the hotel, you can choose houses on the water or on the shore. The hotel has air conditioning, hot water, swimming pool, where you can swim in the evening. Test a unique massage for monks (for an extra charge of 300 baht). There will also be dinner.

Tour schedule Paradise River Kwai briefly

Paradise River Kwai 1 day

  • Coconut farm, production from coconuts, farmer's house.
  • Floating market, canal riding on a traditional boat.
  • Temple "Cave of the Tiger" and the incorruptible body of a monk. The temple of fulfillment of desires.
  • Lunch in a European style.
  • Erawan Waterfall 3.5 hours.
  • Evening hot mineral springs (when there are no other groups, we are alone) pacification and purification.
  • Check-in at the hotel ON THE RIVER, air conditioners, hot water, rooms to choose from on the water or bungalows on the coast, fishing rods in addition, Wi-Fi, Relax area with hammocks, bar.
  • Dinner (buffet).
  • Massage on request at the hotel 300 ฿.


Paradise River Kwai 2 day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Rafting on the river on a large raft and in vests for a total duration of 6 Km 1,5 hours.
  • Excursion through the orchard.
  • Tea house, tea tasting.
  • Visit to the local herbalist: tasting of the traditional tincture "Grandfather Raises an Elephant".
  • Elephant village: show and elephant riding (Bathing extra 800 baht).
  • The waterfall "Sayok Noi".
  • "Road of Death" station monument - Japanese steam locomotive since military times.
  • Delicious Thai style dinner (not spicy).
  • A visit to the monk for the rite of protection and cleansing karma!
    - Tasting home-made fruit wines and rice vodka, chocolate factory only at the request of tourists.
    The hotel will be only your group.


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