Elephant riding

Elephant riding in Pattaya. Duration 30 minutes.
Price: 800. Without children's ticket.
Daily. Without a guide.

Elephant riding with a swim in the lake. Duration 1 hour.
Price: 1400 ฿. No child ticket.
Daily. Without a guide.

Elephant riding in Pattaya can be carried out in two places to choose from:

  2. ELEPHANT VILLAGE KAO MAIKEOW, 15 minutes from the city in the jungle

Photo 1 piece in a pretty frame 100 ฿.

The price includes: transfer to the elephant village and back, riding on elephants for 30 minutes or 1 hour (in this track a lake is added and the elephant passes through the lake).
Take with you: a camera or video camera. Hats and comfortable shoes.

Elephant riding Pattaya Description

Elephant riding in the standard version - the seat for two people. Sitting on the three people on the same chair is sometimes possible if a small child, but it is at the discretion of the driver.

And for children and adults, will be very exciting to treat the elephants with bananas or sugar cane. Elephants in gratitude can make you a spa massage. Safely. Remember that in Thailand, the elephant is revered and sacred animal. Do not offend them. Some elephants even receive a pension.

You can go horse riding in the village of elephants on Teprasit street. At any time from 9:00 to 14:00. In addition to these giants, there are still different animals: goats, turtles and rabbits, which you can pet and feed. There are monkeys, birds, squirrels, and crocodiles. There is also a café. Photo 1 piece lovely framed 100 ฿

There is also a go-karting and shooting.

In Pattaya, a few public places with similar services that can be visited. Ride these animals can be on such tours as the Kwai River, Nong Nooch, Crocodile farm, Khao Kheo Open Zoo, Evening Nong Nooch.

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