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Oasis Spa - a great salon. Reminiscent of a beautiful house, lost in the beautiful jungle. On the territory of a small river. Around the green areas, streams. Everything is very well maintained and beautiful.

The staff is very attentive. Optionally, you can fill out a form indicating their data.

The presence of the disease and pressure. Also in the questionnaire you can indicate what kind of massage power you like. Spa experts all take into account when the procedure of massage.

All cosmetic products, used in the masters Oasis only the best brands and quality.

Salon Oasis was twice winner of the award «Thailand Tourism Award».

We offer free shuttle service also to Silawadee SPA and Pattaya 7 SPA.

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Several quality programs from the salon Oasis SPA

Massage oil heated

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 1350 Time: 60 minutes

Body massage with herbal oils. It relaxes, normalizes blood circulation, helps to increase energy and refreshes the whole body and you get pleasure on an emotional level.

To revive the lost power. The heated oil will allow the muscles to improve tone and energize. We recommend to do soon after arrival in Thailand.

Bliss Oasis. Super Hit!

SalonPrice: ฿ 2700 Time: 150 minutes. Not available

Two and a half hours of pleasure! First scrub cleaning gel for the body of their choice. You are then immersed in the euphoria of an exclusive aroma massage with warm oil on the whole body.

Following cleaning scrub gel whole body, then massage with warm oil at the end of treatment for the face.

Spa for hair treatment

OasisPrice: ฿ 3800 Time: 150 minutes

Six stages of hair therapy. Actions to update and make-up hair using jasmine rice and provitamin, cleaning scrub gel and an aromatic body massage with warm aromatic oil.

Many who have experienced this process are satisfied with the results of this wonderful spa treatment.

Fresh coconut

Fresh coconutPrice: ฿ 3900 Time: 150 minutes

The use of natural coconut gel will remove old cells, massage with warm compresses with natural coconut extract removes muscle tension and accelerate the movement of blood.

Energy fills the body. Full body massage with warm coconut oil. At the end of relaxation and immersion in nirvana.

Ayurveda Super Hit!

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 3900 Time: 120 minutes

The procedure begins with a massage of the head with preheated oil, putting it on the forehead. Next, a long ancient Siamese massage with warm oil.

This unique procedure is done for the prevention of disease, it strengthens the body and well-being as a whole, resulting in a balance of mind and body.

Paradise Oasis Spa

Massage in PattayaPrice: ฿ 4600 Time: 240 minutes

Any stress will disappear after a sauna with the aroma of Thai herbs. All harmful toxins disappear after wrapping with Thai plants and cosmetic clay.

Aroma massage with warm oil will relieve tension, and at the end you will make a Siamese face mask that will make you even more beautiful.

Stone massage Oasis Spa!

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 4900 Time: 120 minutes

Two-hour therapeutic stone massage - completely relieves stress! Smooth, heated stones are used that affect certain areas of the body.

Therapy with hot and cold stones, due to the gradual expansion of blood vessels, improves blood circulation, improves the supply of the whole body, accelerates the removal of toxins and excess water.

Four hands Oasis Spa

Massage in PattayaPrice: ฿ 4900 Time: 120 minutes

Experience the unique work of two professional spa therapists, acting simultaneously on both sides!

Experience the positive emotions of a unique Oasis of massage 4 hands, and continue to enjoy the oriental methods of massaging the feet and Spa hair care. The result is a feeling of lightness throughout the body, adding energy!

Golden Lana

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 5900 Time: 90 minutes

It is scientifically proven that gold balances and strengthens the skin on a cellular level. Special quiet music will relax you mentally. Simultaneous passes hands of two professional women immerse you into nirvana.

Masters add golden pollen to massage oil. At the end, you get the feeling that the skin is filled with energy and become elastic!

Princess Oasis Spa

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 3900 Time: 120 minutes

The ideal procedure is collected from different techniques, combining traditional massage and aromatherapy massage. Designed for delicate girls. Also suitable for sensitive men.

Exclusive massage from Oasis Spa. The effect of this wonderful massage is comparable with the effect of yoga.

Prince Oasis Spa

Massage in PattayaPrice: 3900 ฿ Time: 120 minutes

Prolonged anti-stress massage in Thai style. First you make a standard VIP massage together with warm herbal compresses are well weaken every muscle of the body parts and slowly move on to massaging with warm oil on the basis of medicinal Thai plants.

There will come a feeling of relaxation of strained muscles and stress away!

Sea Sensation

Oasis SpaPrice: ฿ 7500 Time: 300 minutes

A local herbal steam bath with a further seat in the font with cool water, cleansing gel scrub from the plant extract, then wrapping the body with an extract of mint and aloe vera and exclusive treatment - King Spa Massage Oasis.

At the end of spa treatment for facial skin with the effect of detoxification

Oasis SPA menu:

Traditional Massage:

  • Standard Thai body massage 120 minutes - 1700 ฿.
  • Massage of the head, back, shoulders and feet 120 minutes - 1700 ฿.
  • Massage with warm vegetable compresses 60 minutes - 1200 ฿.
  • SPA foot therapy with oriental plants 60 minutes - 1200 ฿.
  • Thai spot massage of the feet 60 minutes - 1200 ฿.

Ayurvedic Massage:

  • Shirodahara 60 minutes - 1800 ฿.
  • Ayurveda head massaging 45 minutes - 1200.
  • Body massaging Ayurveda  60 minutes - 2300 ฿.
  • Ayurveda Massage:
    Process for reviving hair with a massage 60 minutes - 1800.

Scrub gel cleaning:

  • Coconut Scrub Gel Cleaning 60 minutes - 1500 ฿.
  • Cold scrub with aloe vera and mint 60 minutes - 1200.
  • Honey, sesame and cereal cleansing with scrub 1 hour - 1200.
  • Coffee and honey cleaning with scrub 60 minutes - 1200 ฿.

Body wrapping:

  • Coconut oil wrap 60 minutes - 1500 ฿.
  • Siamese mud pack 60 minutes - 1200.
  • African Mud Wrap 60 minutes - 1200.
  • Herbal wrap 60 minutes - 1200 ฿.

Facial spa therapy:

  • Royal SPA Therapy for Oasis Face 60 minutes - 1400.
  • SPA therapy using preparations for delicate skin 60 minutes - 2500.
  • Therapy using preparations (after the sun) 60 minutes - 2500.
  • SPA therapy with Biodroga “Golden Caviar” 60 minutes - 2900.
  • SPA therapy using Biodroh 60 minutes - 2900.

Water therapy and massage Oasis SPA

  • Thai steam room 30 minutes - 650 ฿.
  • Milk and aromatherapy bath 30 minutes - 650 ฿.
  • Flower and aromatherapy bath 30 minutes - 650 ฿.
  • Massage "Oasis" four hands 60 minutes - 2500 ฿.
  • Aromatic massage with heated essential oil 60 minutes - 1350.

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