Grace Spa

Grace Spa is a resort center for luxury spa treatments and massages in Thai traditional houses built of teak wood (May-Sak) in central Pattaya. Different styles of interior eco-friendly houses provide exceptional comfort and privacy.

A variety of spa and massage options will provide you with complete relaxation and tranquility. Grace Spa is visited not only by foreign tourists, but also by local Thais.

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Grace Spa Programs


Massage in Pattaya

3 hours 3500 baht.

  • Body Scrub,
  • Jacuzzi + Mineral Bath,
  • Aroma-therapeutic oil massage,
  • Facial scrub. Golden mask. Toning massage,
  • Balance softener,
  • Collagen gel.

Together forever

Grace Spa

3 hours 3,900 baht.

  • Clean Scrub,
  • Mineral bath,
  • Aromatherapy Romantic oil massage,
  • Intensive foot massage and shoulder massage,
  • Facial treatment: facial scrub, massage with golden light, golden mask, brightening toner. Collagen gel.

Golden honey

Grace Spa

2.5 hours 2.900 baht.

  • Honey Body Scrub,
  • Bath under milk oil,
  • Aromatic oil massage,
  • Facial treatment: facial scrub, facial massage, pearl mask, lightening toner, emollient, collagen gel.

Pink relax

Massage in Pattaya

2.5 hours 2.900 baht.

  • Pink clay mud,
  • Bath with rose and milk oil.
  • Aroma-therapeutic massage with rose oil,
  • Facial treatment: facial scrub, massage with golden light, pearl mask, brightening toner, collagen gel.

Power of stone

Massage in Pattaya

2.5 hours 3 500 baht.

  • Algae bath,
  • Anti-cellulite massage with hot stones,
  • Facial treatment: facial scrub, massage with golden light, golden mask, brightening toner, collagen gel.

Touch Grace Spa

Grace spa

2 hours 2,300 baht.

  • Body scrub with aroma,
  • Aromatic bath,
  • Aromatic oil massage.

Massages Grace Spa

Royal Thai Massage

60 minutes - ฿ 1000, 120 minutes - ฿ 1,300.
An ancient method of massage. The masseur uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the energy lines of the body. Your body has increased flexibility, muscle and joint tension is also reduced, and the body’s energy waves are aligned.

Thai oil massage

60 minutes - ฿ 1,200, 120 minutes - ฿ 1,960.
Anti-stress effect! Thai oil massage is not just a massage: it is a combination of yoga and reflexology elements. You relax the joints, stretch the muscles, stimulating various organs, rejuvenating and reviving the body, mind and spirit.

Thai herbal hot compress

90 minutes - ฿ 1,500, 120 minutes - ฿ 2000.
You will be wrapped in a cover of several herbs. This hot herbal compress helps to neutralize the pinching of the joints, muscle contraction and swelling from muscle inflammation. Among other things, improves blood circulation.

Aroma-therapeutic massage

60 minutes - ฿ 1200, 120 minutes - ฿ 1,960.
Aroma-therapeutic massage combines the relaxing and balancing properties of essential oils. Lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation are provided with each massage movement, and the essential oil is absorbed into the skin surface.

Swedish massage

90 minutes ฿ 1,900, 120 minutes - ฿ 2,400.
In a Swedish massage, the therapist lubricates the skin with massage oil and performs various smear movements. These movements heat up muscle tissue, relieving tension and gradually destroying muscle “knots” . Swedish massage is relaxing, recommended for athletes.

Treatment therapy

120 minutes - ฿ 6,000 5 times.
Massage with hot stones 90 minutes - ฿ 2,500, 120 minutes - 3,500.
Stone massage is a special massage where the specialist uses smooth, heated stones, placing them on the body in the right places. The heat of the stones can affect the body in a relaxing way and help to warm the stiff muscles.

Reflexology Foot Massage

60 minutes - ฿ 1000
Sports massage 90 minutes - ฿ 1,700, 120 minutes - ฿ 2,200.
A massage therapist usually concentrates on a specific problem area, usually associated with some kind of sporting activity, such as running, tennis or golf.

Body scrub (head and shoulder)

60 minutes - ฿ 1000.
Facial scrub and treatment 60 minutes - ฿ 1260.
Light slimming massage 60 minutes - ฿ 2,400.
Getting rid of excess cellulite, toning the body using exclusive techniques. The slimming massage is specially designed to prevent or eliminate cellulite with hot stones and special essential oil. It also helps stimulate circulation and increases the efficiency of the body's digestive system.

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