Ramayana Water park

Ramayana Water park

Group option

  • Price for adults 1500, children 1500 ฿. Less than 90 cm child free.
  • Departure daily. At 10.30, back at 18.00. Without a guide. No prepayment.

Ramayana Water park private at any time.

  • Price: 1850 ฿ for adults and 1650 children 91 – 121 cm.
  • Without a guide. No prepayment.

Included: transfer from the hotel and back, ticket.
Take with you: swimsuit, towel, money, sun cream.

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Ramayana Water park Description

Ramayana Water park. Built to the highest standards, the biggest complex of water fun in Thailand, offers super - interesting program, which will impress fans of water sports.

It offers guests a secured parking for cars and coaches.

At the water park run changing rooms, showers and lockers for storage of personal belongings. For lovers of secluded relaxation gazebo offers Thai-style rooms with VIP service.

After the outdoor activities you will want to eat, and you can visit a fast food restaurant and cafe. To restore the power, use the massage salon. Available high-speed Wi-Fi.

Ramayana Water park is divided into several seating areas:

For all

Wave complex.

Double wave pool with a length of 150 meters of the beach. Here you will be able to ride on the waves.


Sit down in a big boat. Is dispersed properly and then you are sucked into a gigantic vortex that spins the boat at a furious stream and then on high speed you are traveling in the water.


You have to overcome 400 meters of ups and downs in the flask. This is a wet version of the roller coaster. It has everything that will make riders feel a sense of delight.

Python and Anaconda.

During the rafting on the 4-seater inflatable raft you absorb indoor 6-meter-long tunnel and exciting oscillation from side to side only added to the severity of sensations. The unique combination of spirals, twists and turns, ups and downs guarantee an unforgettable descent!

For adults


You get a real adrenaline. First climbs in a transparent flask, which is sealed. You are waiting with bated breath, when all will begin. Due to the acceleration at the start you fly with tremendous speed as a Formula 1 driver, and the force of attraction allows you to make a loop of 360 degrees. Stock up on diapers!

Free fall.

Thanks to direct a sharp descent, you fly in free fall, creating a huge splash of water and land in the water gently.

Inner Tube Slide.

You go down to the tube by the spiral tunnel meanders, much of which is closed. Lots of twists and turns and rapid acceleration, is replaced by a soft landing in the pool.


One of the most exciting attractions. You must conquer an almost vertical wall before falling into a small pool. Screams of delight guaranteed!


Exciting slip down on the tube, in a partially closed tunnel. You overcome countless turns and only then fall into the pool at the end.

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