Diving in Pattaya. Unique fantastic underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand will open for you, full of amazing animals and plants.

All dives are interesting and unique in its own way, and contain their exclusive features, flora and fauna.

On trips to the underwater world of the South China Sea will be with you certified instructors to help make your diving safer and more interesting, whether you are a beginner or a dive master with experience.

All active excursions in Pattaya.

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The cost of all programs includes: delivery to the Bali Hai pier and back within Pattaya; delivery to dive sites, cylinders, weights, work of an instructor for divers; water, tea, coffee, snacks and lunch.

1. PASSENGER (snorkeler).
(mask, snorkel, fins, life jacket).
1800 ฿.

(set of equipment for diving, 1 dive).

3. DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING (beginner, 2 dives, equipment set).
4300 ฿

3500 ฿.

(2 dives, set of equipment)
3900 ฿.

Diving in Pattaya - description and program

Saifon ship

Our Dive Center has a Saifon vessel with a maximum capacity of 40 passengers.

The vessel has a lower deck, where there are places for comfortable accommodation of passengers and divers, 2 toilet cabins, there are showers for rinsing with fresh water.

On the lower deck there is a kitchen area where our chef will prepare lunch for us, a bar area with hot and cold water, tea, coffee and light snacks.

In the bow of the ship on the lower deck there is a smoking area, and in the stern of the ship there is a dive zone, where all the necessary diving equipment is located.

Our vessel also has an upper deck with comfortable benches and tables to comfortably accommodate passengers and divers.

Departure from Bali Hai Port

The vessel departs from the Bali Hai Pier, the departure of the vessel is carried out at 8:30 in the morning, in connection with which, we pick up passengers and divers from their places of residence from 7 hours to 7 hours 45 minutes, depending on the distance of the place of residence from the pier, to ensure arrival at the port by 8 o'clock in the morning.

Our boat will go with you to one of the many dive sites that exist in the area of the islands located near Pattaya: Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Klueng Badan, Hin Hu Chang Koh Phai, Koh Luam Noi, Kor Larn, Koh Sak and Koh Krok.

A specific place for diving will be chosen on the day of departure based on weather and other conditions, in order to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for diving divers and bathing passengers.

Travel time from Bali Hai Pier to a specific dive site is 1 to 2 hours.


During the transition to the dive site, the instructor staff will conduct the necessary briefing for divers.

Information about the diving equipment with which the dive will be carried out and the basic principles of its operation, about the effect of water on a person when diving with diving equipment, as well as about the rules and safety measures that must be observed when diving.

Diving tour program in Pattaya:

Arriving at the place of the 1st dive, passengers will have the opportunity to swim and swim, and divers, under the guidance of the instructor staff, will dive underwater, starting from a shallow depth for the safety and comfort of each individual diver, based on his personal capabilities.

Recreational divers, that is, people who do not have certificates of completion of diving courses, diving for the first time or already having diving experience, can make dives lasting about 30 minutes and not deeper than 12 meters each.

Professional divers, that is, people with certificates of completion of diving courses, can have dives corresponding to their level of certification, including on sunken ships (deep dives). Providing the appropriate certificate (its copy) is a prerequisite.


After the first dive, divers and passengers of the ship will have a lunch prepared by our chef. At the same time, we try to take into account all the reasonable wishes and preferences in food of our customers.

Please let us know in advance if you or members of your group have any dietary preferences or restrictions.

Second dive

After lunch, the ship will move to the second dive site, where passengers will also have the opportunity to swim and swim, and divers will dive under the water under the guidance of an instructor staff.

On the way back, divers and passengers of the ship have free time. The return time to the Bali Hai Pier is approximately from 15:00 to 18:00, depending on the distance of the previously selected dive sites and weather conditions, and the subsequent delivery of divers and passengers to their place of residence

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