Diving in Pattaya. Unique fantastic underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand will open for you, full of amazing animals and plants.

All dives are interesting and unique in its own way, and contain their exclusive features, flora and fauna.

On trips to the underwater world of the South China Sea will be with you certified instructors to help make your diving safer and more interesting, whether you are a beginner or a dive master with experience.

All active excursions in Pattaya.

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Program 1 Diving Koh Kok

Price: 3000 ฿ (2 dives), 2400 ฿ (1 dive)

Around 8.15 -8.30 (it depends on the location of your hotel), transport (minibus or sedan) will meet you at the hotel entrance and delivers Balihai port (near Walking Street), where you will meet individual diving coach. You will go on board the diving boat.

The comfortable cockpit, where there will be tea, coffee and chilled drinks.
Dive instructor will conduct a short briefing on the conditions and rules of the descent into the water.

At the beginning of the dive. to adapt, you dive not very deep. You will make two dives near the island of Ko Kok. The exact location depends on the weather and currents.

Then there will be a delicious lunch (Thai-European cuisine). Timeout, and then the next descent into the water. After the second dive, with excellent impressions you leave on the ship back to Balihay port, where you will find mini-bus that will take you home.

The price diving tour includes:

Transportation Hotel - Port - Diving place - hotel.
The duration of each descent into the water 40-50 minutes, until the depth of 14 meters.
You will be given the new equipment, which is constantly updated and checked.
Constant support experienced certified instructor. Breakfast and lunch on the boat, soft drinks.

The dive is open to anyone over 12 years old.
After the first underwater tour, you can continue to the Open Water Diver course at a discounted price.

Program 2 Diving in Samae San (Princess Island)

Price: 4200 ฿ (for certified divers)

Around 8.00 -8.30 (depending on your hotel location), a minibus will pick you up at the hotel entrance and delivers on the ferry to the island Samae San. You go on board the ship, and after 30 minutes arrive to your destination. The comfortable cockpit you will be served tea, coffee or cold drinks.

Dive instructor will conduct a short briefing on the conditions and rules of the descent into the water. The first dive will be near the Island Princess (Samae San). This place is considered the best diving near Pattaya. There are no currents and in addition to the flora and fauna, you can see the wrecks.

Then one o'clock good rest on the ship, a great lunch with soft drinks and a second dive at about 13.30.
You repeat the dive and dive to 40 meters. At the end, we go back to the port, where you will wait for a car that will take you home.

The price includes:

  • Transportation hotel - port - the island and back.
  • Dive from the ship, the instructor, instructions for scuba diving conditions.
  • Limiting the duration of dive 50 minutes or up to 50 bar in the cylinder, the maximum depth of 40 meters (for divers with certificate)
  • Snacks, lunch and soft drinks, bottled water, tea, coffee, the use of oxygen tanks on the ship.
  • If you want an underwater photo and video, we recommend pre-warn us.

Program 3 Diving on the island of Koh Chang (3 dives)

Price ฿ 7800 (Certified only)

Magic tropical lagoons, white sandy beach, the wild Asian jungle, coconut palms, the sea with turquoise waters where a great variety of beautiful exotic fish and corals. This Koh Chang - National Marine Park, a fabulous place to scuba dive in the depths of the sea.

At 4.00 - 5.00 car meets you and sent to the ferry to the island of Koh Chang. On the ship, you come to the destination. Diving instructor will hold you a short briefing on the rules of diving with an aqualung.

3 dives in the Marine National Park. On Koh Chang there are many amazing places to scuba diving. Sea cliffs Hin Raab, a famous site Blue Berry Hin Luk Bat, reserve Koh Rang and, of course, an unforgettable descent to the sunken battleship HTMS-Chang. Do you have a real opportunity to see a whale shark.
Of course, it will have lunch.

At the end, we go back to the port, where you will wait for a car that will take you to Pattaya.
For those who decided to become an advanced diver courses offered

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