Big Eye Show

Big Eye show in Pattaya

Price: ฿1500.
Daily. Departure from 19.00 to 20.00. Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Duration of the tour is 2 hours.
Included: round-trip transfer and tickets. No photography allowed.


According to the contract, we can’t sell Big Eye Show to citizens from Asian countries or with Asian appearance.
We do not sell tickets to citizens of India, China, Japan, Indonesia. Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and others. Please do not call.

This is not discrimination. If you are from an Asian country, you can take a taxi to go to Show and buy tickets at the box office. Price may be different.

Big Eye Show - Description

Big Eye Show in Pattaya was opened not so long ago. Therefore, not everyone knows about it, although there are no empty seats in the hall and the whole parking lot next to the building is filled with sightseeing buses. Most of the visitors are guests from China, Japan and Korea. The second largest nationality among visitors here are Russians.

The security here does not allow Thai people to watch shows, as it is prohibited by the rules. The directors added several scenes with Russian girls to the Big Eye Show program.

It is forbidden to take photos and videos on the show, although, unlike show 69, no one searches Visitor's Clothes. The guards in the hall strictly monitor the audience. The show lasts 45 minutes, then repeat anew.

In addition to the Thai lady-boys, boys and girls, in the Big Eye show in Pattaya, one black guy with a big device and girls of Slavic appearance perform. Show Big Eye is more erotic in nature, but sexual intercourse is not shown here. Perhaps this is the main difference from Show 69, which is more overt,

The presentation lasts about an hour and then continues without stopping on the new.

Separately in the program of the Big Eye Show cost to highlight:

  • Cabaret performance,
  • Drum play,
  • Professional pole dances performed by girls of Slavic appearance.

We organize this trip only with a transfer from your hotel. If you want to go there yourself, and then meet with the group on the spot, then finding you near the entrance is difficult because of the large crowds. Tourists who go there alone, buy tickets on the spot. The price at the box office at the Big Eye Show is higher than ours.

Once again, we do not accept bookings for Show from persons from Asian countries or with Asian appearance.

See also similar show X Show 69.


Big Eye Show

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