Emerald Triangle

Emerald Triangle 2 days 1 night. New two-day program (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia)

Tour cost:

  • 2 persons ฿36000
  • 3 persons ฿48000
  • 4 people ฿58000

For single number surcharge 900 ฿. Full prepayment of the tour when booking.

Days of the event: from 4 people the day of the event - any. Order a tour three days before departure.

Emerald Triangle: Many waterfalls, a river cruise on the Moon River, Kaeng Tan Island with a fantastic landscape, the Phosphorus Temple and the Temple of a Million Bottles, a visit to Preah Vihear - a disputed territory, three national parks and so on.

Tour Emerald Triangle includes:

  • transfer and excursion service according to the program;
  • Russian or English speaking guide;
  • hotel accommodation;
  • food according to the program.

Additional charges: drinks, personal expenses, change of hotel to the highest category.

With you to take: Thai ฿, dollars, passport. Clothes are conservative, for visiting temples (the level for women is lower than the knees, the absence of a neckline cut), swimsuits for thermal springs.


The excursion program Emerald Triangle from Pattaya

1 day.

  • 4.00 - 5.00 Departure from Pattaya to the airport.
  • 8.00 - 8.50 Flight Bangkok - Ubon Rajantani
  • 9.00 Acquaintance at the airport Ubon with the guide, we go to the reserve Pa Tek.
  • 9.30 Breakfast.
  • 10.00 Sightseeing tour of the city of Ubon Razhantani.
  • 12.30 Soe Sawan Falls, swimming in natural stone tanks.
  • 13.30 Lunch
  • 14.40 We go to the Mekong River, on the way we will visit two more unique waterfalls with fantastic stone flowers and cucumbers.
  • 16.30 Pa Tek State Reserve, visit the best observation points, see Laos from the top of the mountain and painting primitive people.
  • 18.30 Phosphoric temple, a fantastic view at sunset, the walls and paths in the monastery are covered with phosphorus and emit a mysterious light in the dark.
  • 20.00 We visit the city of Cong Chiam, a place where two rivers connect with different colors of water, checking into a hotel.
  • Dinner by the river in the restaurant.

2 day:

  • 7.00 am Breakfast
  • 8.00 am Walking along the Mun River by boat to the mysterious Kaeng Tan Island, where the mythical snakes Naga live. Swimming in the river and a walk around the island.
  • 12.00 Visit to the beach of Lake Sirindhorn. Bathing. Dinner.
  • 14.30 Study of the main point of the excursion - the Emerald Triangle, the disputed territory between Thailand and Cambodia. Preah Vihea - reserve, Khmer ancient temple, a place of clashes between the two countries.
  • 17.30 Unusual monastery of beer bottles. In the rays of sunset - this temple shines beautifully in the sun.
  • 19.30 Visit to Ubon Rajatani, personal time, local bazaar.
  • 21.30 Flight to Bangkok.
  • 22.30 Transfer to Pattaya.
  • 0.30 We deliver to hotels.

Emerald Triangle - Description

New two-day program Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.

There are many waterfalls, a river cruise along the Mun River, an island with a fantastic landscape of Khaeng Tana, a Phosphorus temple and the Temple of Million Bottles, a visit to Preah Vihea - a disputed area, three national parks.

Sightseeing Tours Emerald Triangle:

Kaeng Tana.

Mystical island with unearthly fantastic landscapes Kaeng Tana. Here, in the stone holes, the world-famous Nagi snakes live, in October they become more active and release fireballs from the mouth, but the rest of the time is too hot and they sleep deep in the stones. And only sometimes at night they crawl out of the holes and scare local fishermen.

Who wants - can spend the night on the island in a tent, instead of a hotel.

Preah Vihear

The temple complex of the Khmer Empire, is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the object of a territorial dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. The temple was damaged during an artillery bombardment by the army of Thailand, which arose during the border clashes between Cambodia and Thailand.

Temple of a Million Bottles

Wat Lan Quad is one of the most favorite monasteries of the Thais. It consists of many empty beer bottles. Over several years of donations, more than a million pieces of multi-colored glass containers have accumulated, and from it they created a temple with a monastery courtyard, with a guest house for visitors.

Pha Taem- National Park.

Pha Taem National Park is famous not only for its stone mushrooms and tear cracks. On the steep banks of the Mekong there is an entire gallery of petroglyphs - rock paintings of ancient people. Drawings over 4000 years.

Other nature excursions here.

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