Photo shoot

Photo shoot in Pattaya. If you're on holiday in Pattaya and decided to make a memorable photo shoot, contact us.

We offer the best team of professional photographers, stylists and organizers, who will arrange everything in the best possible way, taking into account all your individual wishes.

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Current and popular photo shoot programs for 2023

Individual, family, Love Story in your hotel or other location in Pattaya.

1-1.5 hours, 20 retouched photos. The price for each option is 4000 ฿.

Photo sessions on the island of Koh Larn - 4900 ฿, tickets for the ferry or boat to the island are paid by you.

All other options are considered individually at the rate of 4000 ฿ per hour. Car on the route from 1000 ฿. Accessories on request.

Photo shoot Information


  • Our stylists and makeup artists will make you hair and makeup.
  • In addition, we will provide you clothes for free. But keep in mind that we are not a clothing rental store and we do not have all sizes. The studio has women's evening dresses, Thai national clothes for girls and for men (pants). Among other things, we provide wedding dresses for rent, but not for free.
  • Transfer from the hotel and back is carried out on a comfortable car.
  • All makes international team: European stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists - Thais, photographers - Russian. The language barrier will not.


  • To participate in the photo shoot the head should be clean, without makeup, polish, other drugs.
  • For the photo shoot in the basin need to bring a swimsuit.
  • It is also advisable to take your favorite clothing, shoes with high heels, wedge heels.

Where is the photo session

Photo shoot ANYWHERE package can pass anywhere in Thailand (island tours, Walking Street, etc.). Photo shoot time is on average 2.5-4 hours, not including transfer time.

All photo shoot, except for the package ANYWHERE, takes place in the best scenery of Pattaya - in the elegant five-star Centara Grand Mirage. The hotel’s grounds are ideal for photographing: rich tropical vegetation, hanging bridges, waterfalls, swimming pools, private beach.

Photo shoot Program:

Package "Happy hour" - 3500 ฿

Photo shoot Program

Within this format you can hold an individual session, be photographed together with a loved one or the whole family up to 3 people!
This is an unforgettable hour in the "lost world" Centara Grand Mirage 5 *.

Among the waterfalls, cascades leaving in the man-made "jungle", on shaky hanging bridges, immersed in flowers, on a well-groomed beach, not inferior to the beaches of distant islands. And the result - after 48 hours a link to 20 retouched photos!

Package Make over - 6900 ฿

Package Make over

1 person - make-up and hairstyle + up to 3 guests.
Program time: 2.0-2.5 hours. Including:

  • Hotel-studio hotel transfer, stylist consultation.
  • Hair extension, styling, make-up.
  • Clothes and accessories rental, photo session (min 30 min).
  • Photo processing (20 pieces), soft drinks, tea, coffee).
    Link to photo within 48 hours.

Photo shoot Love story - 7900 ฿

Love story

1 people - make-up and hairstyle + up to 3 guests.
Program time: 3.0-3.5 hours. Included:

  • Transfer hotel-studio-hotel.
  • Stylist consultation, hair extensions, styling, make-up.
  • Rental of women's clothes and accessories, photo session (minimum 60 min.).
  • Photo 60 pieces (including the magazine retouched minimum 6 pieces).
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee. Link to the photo within 48 hours.

Photo shoot Wedding - 7900 ฿

Photo shoot

1 people - make-up and hairstyle + up to 3 guests.
Program time: 3.0-3.5 hours. Including:

  • Transfer hotel-studio-hotel, consultation of the stylist.
  • Face mask, hair extension, styling, make-up.
  • Women's clothing rental (EXCLUDING WEDDING DRESS).
  • Photo session (min 90 min), photo 60 including the magazine retouched min. 20.
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee. Link to photo within 48 hours.

Package Family - 8900 ฿

Photo shoot

Up to 3 people. Includes:

  • Hotel-studio-hotel transfer, stylist, hair extension (1 person).
  • Styling, make-up (1 person), hire of women's clothes and accessories.
  • Photo session for each family member (min 90 min).
  • Photo 120 (including with magazine retouched (min. 20).
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee. Link to photo within 48 hours.

Exotic - 5900 ฿


Exclusive fashion photo shoot with an elephant, a tiger or a horse.

  • Transfer from the hotel and back.
  • Entrance tickets for the model and the photographer.
  • Permission to shoot.
  • The shooting is carried out by the camera Canon 5D Mark III.
  • Photo shooting 30 minutes.

Photo shoot Anywhere-1 - 4900 ฿


Held anywhere in Pattaya, number of participants not limited.
Transfer not included.

  • The work of the photographer at any time of the day.
  • Photo shoot 60 min.
  • 60 processed pictures of them 6 with magazine retouch.

Package Anywhere-2 - 8900 ฿

Photo shoot

It is held anywhere in Thailand. The number of participants is unlimited.
Transfer not included.

  • Photo-session 120 min; 120 processed photographs, 20 with retouch.
  • The travel of guests and the photographer to the place of the shooting is paid separately.
  • Shooting more than 2 hours is charged separately 3500 ฿ per hour.

Photos before and after makeup Art de Charme stylists.

Notice how the appearance of our clients changes after the work of the stylist and hairdresser in the studio before the photo session.

Before and after

Before and after

Photo shoot in Pattaya

Photo shoot in Pattaya