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Ayurveda center of the Asian Spice Garden

An important advantage of our wellness center is a balanced combination of ancient and modern techniques, as well as the fact that healing mixtures are prepared right before your eyes, and you can change the proportions of ingredients, taking into account the characteristics of your body and adapting specifically to your problems.

YOUR TREATMENT is created WITH you and FOR you! The prepared mixtures and solutions are applied to the skin and hair along special lines, combining various massage techniques with the therapeutic effects of Ayurvedic oils, masks, compresses, steam rooms, fonts and thermal baths.

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Ayurveda center of the Asian Spice Garden programs

COMPLEX PROGRAMS at Ayurveda Center Pattaya



Weight loss:

Thanks to our program, you can not only lose extra pounds, but also restore normal metabolism, tighten sagging skin and significantly improve your body's health!

The program includes: - consultation with a specialist; - Thai herbal sauna; - salt peeling with fruit acids; - lymphatic drainage massage; - cupping anti-cellulite massage; - “Udvartana” massage; - zonal anti-cellulite massage; - cryotherapy; - seaweed wrap; - bath with Andaman salt and herbs; - tea ceremony. Let's lose weight correctly!


4h 30min

3 700
Detox: This is cleansing the body of waste and toxins. The need to create a special program is due to the fact that very often the human enzyme and hormonal systems fail, food is not digested correctly, forming autotoxins, which lead to very negative consequences. The program includes: - specialist consultation; - Thai herbal sauna; - peeling massage with sea salt; - thermophytic bath with herbal compresses; - lymphatic drainage massage; - mud wrap; - herbal bath; - massage with semi-precious stones; - tea ceremony.3h 30min3 000
Musculoskeletal system: We employ people with extensive experience in healing practice. They will not only help you solve your problems - release tension, relieve tension and pain, conduct diagnostics, but will also share their personal experience and help you create a treatment course to gain health and inner harmony. The program includes: - consultation with a specialist; - thermophyte with herbal compresses; - hardware physiotherapy; - special wellness massage “MARKA-LANNA”; - Thai massage “LUK PRAKOB APSARA”; - stick massage with “Bamboo sticks”; - mud therapy; - cryotherapy; - bischofite bathroom; - tea ceremony.4h 00min3 200
Vascular diseases: Vascular diseases (varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombosis, atherosclerosis) occur in almost every second patient. However, not everyone rushes to the doctor, since the usual methods of treatment do not suit many people. Is there an alternative? Our Center uses effective non-invasive methods for treating these diseases. The program includes: - consultation with a specialist; -thermophyte with herbal compresses; - cryomassage; - electrophysiotherapy; - lymphatic drainage massage; - therapeutic Thai massage; - Thai massage for varicose veins with “Ta Krai” balm; - herbal sauna; - cold bath with herbs; - tea ceremony.4h 00min3200
Anti-stress: Chronically exhausting stress is relevant for all active people. It dramatically weakens the body's defenses, reduces work productivity, and destroys the immune system. The person becomes tired, aggressive, irritable, and the quality of life decreases. We offer a comprehensive anti-stress package of services for business people. The program includes: - consultation with a specialist; - thermophyte with herbal compresses; - Thai head and neck massage; - Thai massage with PRA oil; - massage with semi-precious stones; - herbal sauna with “Anti-stress” aroma oil; - relaxing herbal bath; - tea ceremony.3h 30min3 000
“Bachelorette Party” program - visiting spa treatments in the company of friends (4-6 people). Each guest chooses one of the programs from the menu of services. After the wellness program, tea ceremony, lunch or dinner of Thai cuisine is organized in the fresh air in the Asian Spice Garden, among beautiful flowering plants overlooking a beautiful waterfall. A gift from the center, a bottle of clearing and a pleasant atmosphere.5h 30 minon request

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