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  • Quality, health, longevity!
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Sweet Dream Latex Review

Sweet Dream Latex Factory is located in Rayong Province, next to the Givea Tree Plantation.

All products are made only from natural latex, and are manufactured using simple and environmentally friendly technology!

The process takes place in natural conditions: collecting juice, delivery, cleaning, boiled to remove water, foamed. This foam mass is poured into molds and baked under temperature conditions.

Remember that you sleep a third of your life and a high-quality, healthy sleep will extend our life for many years. Latex mattress will make your life more healthy and comfortable!

Sweet Dream Latex - benefits.

  1. SD Latex factory has the highest quality products and has warranty certificates.
  2. Buying latex products in the Sweet Dream company showroom, you do not run the risk of running into a fake.
  3. Individual selection of products. Experienced consultants will help you choose a mattress or pillows that are right for you.
  4. All your purchases will be in special vacuum packaging, ideal for transportation
  5. Delivery of products to the hotel. Any form of payment.

Pluses of pillows and latex mattresses.

  • Latex mattress consists of interconnected pores that create excellent ventilation. When a person sleeps on a latex mattress, human skin can breathe.
  • All products are environmentally friendly - no harmful additives.
  • On a latex mattress, it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.
  • Thanks to the pores, the latex mattress does not accumulate dust.
  • Bacteria and ticks do not live in latex mattresses. Great for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Bedding is flexible and dense, does not deform, does not form seals and does not creak.
  • Latex mattress is designed to load your body with the greatest comfort. During sleep, body weight is distributed evenly over the mattress and all muscle clamps and fatigue are released. Many people starting to sleep on latex have pain in their neck and back.
  • Do not change shape and stiffness over time - 10 year warranty.

Assortment of Sweet Dream Latex.

Mattresses from SD Latex - it's quality, coziness and comfort!
The factory has mattresses with a thickness of 2.5 to 15 cm.
If you have special wishes, you can make mattresses of any size to order.

Sweet Dream Latex



Children's sets.

Sweet Dream Latex


  1. Would like to buy an overmatrass in Latex. Do you make them by measure? We need two in
    105 x 210 cm

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