Флайборд в Паттайе.


  • 2700 ฿ (10 мин полета).
  • 3000 ฿ (15 минут полета).
  • 3700 ฿ (20 минут полета).
  • Цена за сопровождающего человека 300 ฿.

Самовывоз из отеля: в любое удобное для вас время с 09.00 до 16.30.

Возрастное ограничение: от 16 лет, без ограничений по весу.
Видеосъемка на Go Pro 3 + фотосъемка 950 ฿.
Предоплата 1000 бат.

В стоимость входит: брифинг, трансфер туда и обратно, страховка и сам перелет.

Среднее время адаптации для новичка: 3 минуты.
Процент новичков, взлетевших после 1 раза: 99%.

Flyboard Pattaya - description

Flyboard Pattaya - it is a fantastic feeling of free flight and adrenaline that you can feel in the air and in the water. The strong flow of water emanating from the jet ski into the block with shoes allows you to soar like a seagull and jump out of the water like a dolphin.

Flying over the water, swimming under water, incredible pirouettes and even coups - this is not quite a full list of the various somersaults, which will be available to you during extreme tour flyboard from the first minute!

Flyboard - original jet device, which will allow you to fly out of the water up to 12 meters.
If for you it is the first experience, get comfortable on the board will help professional instructor.

He will manage the stream of water. For 3-4 minutes to get used to flyboard quite real. You just need to stand on the board, knees slightly bent. Special skills and good physical shape is not required.

First you will be taken from the hotel, taken to the base, where the instructor will explain in detail the principle of machine control.

Secondly, you will put on special shoes and sail with a trainer, sitting on a scooter at a safe distance from the shore. And then go to meet the unique sensations! A flyboard instructor will adjust the water pressure and give valuable advice. 20 minutes is enough for beginners.

If you fly longer, you might get tired.

Information about flyboard tour

  • Net flight time: from 10 minutes.
  • Average adaptation time for a beginner: 3 minutes.
  • The percentage of newcomers, soaring after 1 times: 99%.
  • Video capture on camera Go Pro 3+ photographing 950 ฿.
  • Many, after the first flight experience, become real fans of this sport.
  • Finally, if you want to enjoy this magical attraction for the second time, you will be given a discount.

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