Zoo Khao Kheo

Zoo Khao Kheo light.
Price 500 ฿. Price for a child 400 ฿.
Days of departure daily from 8.00 to 13.30.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Zoo Khao Kheo standard.
Price 700 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 500 ฿.
Days of departure daily from 8.00 to 15.30.
Russian guide, speaks English, pineapples.
Without prepayment.

Khao Kheo VIP without shopping + ext. show.
Price 900 ฿. Price for a child up to 120 cm 600 ฿
Monday. Wednesday. Sunday from 10.40.
Guide, speaks English. Without prepayment.

Take with you: a hat on your head, money for food for animals and for yourself.
The price includes:
transport, all tickets, guide (except Khao Kheo Light), shows, pineapples.

Open Zoo Khao Kheo Overview

The duration of the excursion to the Khao Kheo Zoo is 3-5 hours. You will see everything! There are also short programs for those who have small children and who do not want to wander around the zoo for so long.

In Khao Kheo we look in order:

  • deers, chameleons, gibbons, red panda, penguins, rabbits,
  • turtles, binturongs, porcupines, sloths, hippopotamuses,
  • giraffes, antelopes, white lion, rhinoceroses, ostriches,
  • flamingos, Malaysian bears, lemurs, Bird park,
  • elephants and underwater show, koalas, seals,
  • tapir, monkeys, tigers, kangaroos, camels.

We leave the hotel in Pattaya by minibus, in the park on it we move with stops at all places where animals live. There will be a visit to a pineapple farm with a tasting of fresh, delicious pineapples.

Zoo Khao Kheo - a park for animals where they act like in your own forest! For them, created a natural atmosphere. All pets are very accustomed to people, many quietly allow themselves to pat.

On the tour you will see the animal shows. You will sit and watch the animals living in the jungle. You will see a white tiger, a very unusual and funny binturong (something between a cat and a bear).

There is also a separate huge bird park.
There is also a lot of elephants of different sizes that shoot darts, walking the tightrope, play soccer, do acrobatics, ride a bike.
For only 30-50 ฿ you can buy food and pampering treats all animals.

The most interesting thing to feed the hippos and rhinos.
Zoo with a capital letter. Full delight for children and adults!

Zoo Khao Kheo VIP and three shows

New project. The price is fixed, without shopping! The best company guides (russian) will conduct this program!

On Sundays, the program additionally includes a visit to the island of Lemurs and the Penguin Parade!

  • Pick up from hotel at 10.45 - 11.15.
  • In the Khao Kheo Zoo from 12.00 to 16.30
  • Show of Birds: 12.15.
  • Underwater show of elephants: 14.15.
  • Tiger Show: 15.10

Days: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Russian guide, speaks English, groups of up to 10 people. Cost: 900 ฿ and 600 ฿ child up to 120 cm.

By the way around the zoo passes famous attraction Flight of the Gibbon.

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