Cambodia Avatar

Cambodia Avatar. Big and Small Circle Angkor Wat.

Group option (very rarely)

Price: Adult 18900 ฿. Child 2-12 years old 17400 ฿, 0-2 years 2500 ฿.

Private option

Price: Adult 24000 ฿. Child 2-12 years old 22000 ฿, 0-2 years 2500 ฿.

Surcharge for a Re-Entry visa 1300 ฿.
Surcharge for single room in hotel 3 * 800 ฿, in hotel 4 * 1000 ฿.

Departure from Pattaya at 4.00. Russian and English guides. Prepayment.

The price includes: accommodation at the hotel 3 *, 4 *, meals according to the program (breakfast, 2 lunches, dinner), transport and excursion services, entrance tickets, guides, visa.

Take with you: passport !!!, clothes covering your shoulders and knees, glasses, hat, photo-video, 2 photos, money for personal expenses, return air ticket from Thailand.

Cambodia Avatar - Description and Program. First day - Great Circle of Angkor

The tour Cambodia Avatar starts with Prasat Pre Khan. Pre Kan is a large 12th-century temple complex ruled by the great King of Angkor.

You will see a moat around the monastery, a bridge through which stone statues are guarded. Many heads are not preserved and they are regularly changed to new ones. In addition, at the location of the monastery everywhere there are lingams. Lingam is the reproductive organ of Shiva, as a symbol of fertility.

Pre Rup & Neak Pen

Temple Pre Rup X century. The name of the temple means "turning bodies", because earlier here were funeral rites on the terraces.

If you look closely, you can see that the towers and tiers have different colors. The creators of the temple located in the corners of the terrace figures of lions and elephants.

Neak Pen is the most unusual temple, it stands on an island in the center of the lake with dirty, muddy water, and once it was believed that the water of this sacred place is able to heal.

So that some tourists do not have the temptation to drink green water for medicinal purposes, the temple staff fenced the pond.

Krol Co, Ta Som & East Mebon

Krol Co. Near Neak Pine, to the left of the road is a small temple of Krol Ko, dedicated to the Buddha. Very little visited by tourists, surrounded by a dense wall of greenery, it is able to become necessary for recreation a short pause before a visit to Ta Som.

Ta Som - One of the hallmarks of this cult place is the presence of a large number of vegetation among the ruins.

East Mebon is a temple of the 10th century. It is located in the center of the dried up artificial pool "East bar". He was on a small island in the middle of a huge reservoir, which, unfortunately, became shallow. But despite this, the temple leaves a terrific impression.

Cambodia Avatar. Second day - Small Circle Angkor

Angkor Wat temple complex "Small Circle" includes the following attractions: temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prom, Phnom Bakheng, Baphua, Ta Keo, Terrace leper King, terrace elephants.

Many believe that the Angkor Wat temple is the largest sacred building in the world and is a typical combination of elegance and harmony for Asian architecture.

The central temple of Bayon and its fifty-four huge towers, each decorated with the four faces of the Buddha. According to one version in the image of the Buddha was presented a portrait of the king himself. This temple was the last large religious building built in Angkor.

Finally, Ta Prohm is a temple in Angkor. The king of Angkor built him in the 12th century in honor of his mother, whom he identified with the mother of all deities and the goddess of "Perfect Wisdom."

Standard tour to Cambodia, see here.

Cambodia Avatar program briefly

The first day

  • We arrive at the border, moving to Siem Reap.
  • Dinner.
  • Excursion Big circle of Angkor, including temple complexes:
    Angkor Tom, Prek Khan, East Mebon, Neak Ping, Ta Som, Sraz Snang, Banteay Kday
  • We are watching Sunset at Phnom Bakheng.
  • Visit a gift shop.
  • Relax in the hotel.

Second day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Excursion Small "Circle of Angkor". We will explore the temple complexes:
    Angkor Wat, Bayon, the Elephant and the royal terrace, Ta Keo, Ta Prom.
  • Dinner.
  • Copy of the Monument of Independence.
  • Visit to the temple of the victims of genocide.
  • Departure from Siem Reap.

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