Aquaverse Water park

Aquaverse Water park Pattaya

Group option

Price: 1500 ฿ adult, 1500 ฿ children 3-12 years old.
Up to 3 years free.
Daily. Departures: at 10.30. From the water park at 17.30.

Aquaverse Water park is private.

Price 2000 ฿ adult, 1900 ฿ child 3-12 years old.
Daily. From two people at any time.

When booking, indicate the time of departure from the hotel and from the water park.

  • The cost of a trip to the Aquaverse Water park includes: round trip, tickets.
  • Take: swimwear, sun cream, photo. When buying children's or pension tickets, be sure to grab a document confirming age!

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse Water park Pattaya Description

Aquaverse Water park is located by the sea, in the southern part of Pattaya, near the tropical garden Nong Nooch.

New themed water park in Pattaya - Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

Family water park with water slides and pools, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants.

The famous film company "Columbia Pictures" has chosen the Kingdom of Thailand to create its first theme park!

The water park features rides based on popular movies and TV shows such as Hotel Transylvania, Jumanji, Zombieland, Bad Boys, The Emoji Movie and Ghostbusters.

Entertainment shows are also held in the park.

The highlight of the water park is the world's first cinema with a unique wave pool, where guests can watch movies on a huge screen while swimming in the pool.

Opening hours from 10.00 to 18.00. Daily.

Aquaverse water park is divided into eight themed zones. Among them: 12-meter water slides, the "world's largest" funnel, surfing and go-karting.

Sony announced that the park will host live performances by artists and DJs from around the world.

Aquaverse is the result of a collaboration between Sony Pictures and Thailand's Amazon Falls, which has operated the park since it opened as a Cartoon Network attraction.

Changing rooms and toilets are new and clean. You can purchase a ticket with a personal safe. The key to the safe is your bracelet with a chip that will be issued at the entrance.

Many slides for children, fountains, swimming pools - all painted with pictures from cartoons, bright and fun.
On the territory, the staff of water park disguised as cartoon characters constantly dance and entertain visitors.
All rides are very high quality. Here and a lot of slides, and a long river, a giant pool with huge waves!

Here you will also find:

    Get ready for an exciting experience! Find out what you're made of as you fight your way through the ghost traps on the world's first and only fully enclosed giant 23m water dome ride. Filled with thrills and spills, this family-friendly raft ride immerses you in a cutting-edge digital projection that brings the Stay Puft marshmallow man to life. At the end of the trip, you will be greeted by adorable mini ottomans for a one-of-a-kind photo session!
    Have you ever wanted to meet the Muncher, the Mini Puffs and the Terror Dogs? It doesn't matter what generation of ghost hunters you're from, it's going to be a supernatural encounter!
    Hear your screams echo through 110m drop-offs and wild turns as you descend three darkened ghost traps at breathtaking speeds. Get ready for a selfie with a ghost.
    Also known as Onionhead, Little Spud or The Green Ghost. Set a timer because it's Slimer time! Strengthen your nerves and defy the laws of physics, time and space as you glide vertically upwards on the Ecto-1 2-man tube to face the Slug head-on on this massive, mega-thrilling waterslide
    Welcome to the jungle where you'll have to dodge wild mandrills, hippos and snakes to get the jaguar's eye back. Roll down the hard 8m slide and shout Jumanji as you are launched to the top of Jaguar Mountain!
    Jump your feet into this maelstrom of excitement! Climb down the high-speed tube and watch the world spin before being catapulted out of a hippo's mouth and thrown into the river!
  • VIPER.
    Amazing twists and turns and unexpected falls lurk in every corner of the Jumanji Forest. Keep your eyes and senses alert as something exciting is about to happen! Experience this breathtaking ride that will engulf you and send you racing out of the dark and into the open air. Dodge the fangs and claws of wild mandrills that magically come to life with animatronic technology before being spat out of their mouths by a fanged snake!

And much more!!!

The park has a wide variety of cafes and restaurants for every taste: hamburgers, chicken in any form, a barbecue, a pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant. You do not stay hungry!

Water park, of course, wonderful!! We recommend!!

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