Siam Park

Siam Park with lunch.

Price: 1250 ฿. Baby up to 120 cm 1150 ฿.

Daily. Departure at 8.00, from the park at 17.30. Without a guide.

Siam Park with lunch + dinner at Bayok Sky.

Price: 3200 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2600 ฿.

Departure at 8.00, from the park at 16.00. Without a guide.

Siam Park with lunch + Mahanakhon Tower.

Price: 2800 ฿. Child up to 120 cm 2400 ฿.

Even days. Departure at 8.00, from the park at 16.00. Without a guide.

  • The price includes: transfer to and from, entrance ticket (it’s also a pass to all the rides), lunch.
  • Take with you: swimsuit, towel, money, sun cream.

Siam Park private


  • Round trip car with waiting: 4500 ฿ (1-5 pax); 6000 ฿ (6-12 people).
  • Entrance tickets, price with us: 450 ฿ / adults, 450 ฿ / children.

Siam Park in Bangkok Description

The pride of Siam Park is a huge man-made pool, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest reservoir with an artificial wave. The volume of the pool is 13,600 cubic meters, with artificial beaches, surfing, whirlpools, fountains, waterfalls and high water slides.

In addition, the park has a large number of rides and carousels, a one hundred-meter observation tower, a dinosaur park, a large area of African adventure.

Siam Park is an amusement park and water park, two in one.

Small World - Children's entertainment area.

  • Mini carousel;
  • Little motorcycles and swans;
  • Mini canoe; Game port.

Family Fantasy - for the whole family.

  • Two-story ride carousel;
  • Grand Canyon; Observation tower Siam Park Tower, where from a height of 100 meters you can see a circular (360 °) panorama of the surroundings, as well as some more interesting attractions.
  • Thematic area Jurassic Adventure, in which children are transported by jeep through a forest populated by latex dinosaurs and cavemen.
  • An alternative to the “Jurassic Park” is the “Africa Adventure” zone, where young guests can take a ride on a train and or a boat on the river surrounded by mock-ups of African animals: elephants, lions, monkeys.
  • Long channel - fast descent on a log;
  • Disco is an attraction in the form of huge cymbals that rotate at a rhythmic pace.

Zone extreme X-Zone.

  • Aladdin, where you can feel like a hero of an Arabian tale, flying on a flying carpet;
  • Vortex - “roller coaster” with a path length of 765 meters, raising visitors to a height of 33 meters at a speed of 80 km / h. Brave are provided with unforgettable ascents, descents, rings and spirals ...
  • Log Flume - a kind of bobsleigh: “bob” in the form of a large barrel with passengers overcomes the path consisting of ascents and water descents;
  • Giant Drop - visitors, sitting on special benches, freely fall from a height of 75 meters;
  • Cordon - rises to a height of 50 meters and begins to rotate rather quickly.

Water park - this area for leisurely swimming.

  • Super Spiral - an attraction in the form of water slides tall with a three-story house;
  • Mini Slide - a small slide, which is perfect for the little ones;
  • Pool; Water slide;
  • The wave pool is the largest in the world, marked by the Guinness Book of Records.


  • Take everything you need for swimming.
  • On all extreme rides better to ride on an empty stomach.
  • Do not take a lot of money. At the entrance you will receive a bracelet, according to which the entrance is everywhere and the food is free.

Lunch in the park included in the price of the excursion! The buffet will not leave you hungry.

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