Latex. In Pattaya, there are stores that are called official distributors of well-known manufacturers, and under the guise of well-known brands are trying to sell frankly low-quality goods to ignorant tourists.

Pay attention to prices. If the value of the goods during bargaining falls several times - this is the reason to be wary.  Natural 100% product can not be very cheap, so do not believe in a giant discount from the factory. Feel free to leave this place and go to another place.

All latex factories in Pattaya have two components: excellent service and quality assurance. You can not be afraid to buy products and be confident in their natural composition and excellent quality.

We offer free transfer to genuine, authentic Thai latex factories.

Order a free transfer to Latex stores Pattaya +66 92 109 21 26 Contact via WhatsApp.

You can also order a free transfer to other shopping centers in Pattaya:

Latex factory in Thailand - The Gallery


The largest latex factory in Thailand - The Gallery has now opened in Pattaya.
The "Gallery" corporation includes "Gems Gallery" jewelry factories, "Herb And Health Gallery" medical health centers and "The Gallery" latex factories.

Branches of the company are open in 37 provinces of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Free transfer to Latex factory in Thailand - The Gallery from your hotel to the factory and back.

We invite you on an excursion to the most interesting sleep museum, where antiques from various parts of the world are collected, absolutely free of charge, every day at any time from 9.00 to 16.00.

The latex factory in Thailand - The Gallery provides a quality certificate for all products sold and gives a 7-year warranty, the products themselves are designed for a 20-year service life.

You can order a free tour of the Gallery and Museum of Sleep by calling:

+66921092126 (Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Telegram)

Sweet Dream Latex Pattaya


Sweet Dream Factory provides a 10-year warranty on all products. A certificate from the German environmental research center ECO indicates that no substances harmful to humans were detected in Sweet Dream Latex products.



In the factory there are 2.5 mattresses; 5; 7.5; 10; and 15 cm. Here, mattresses are made both in standard and non-standard sizes, at the request of the buyer we can make mattresses of any size.


Pillows help to avoid bending the cervical spine and promote healthy sleep. In Latex, parasites and excellent ventilation do not start.

Products are completely environmentally friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers.

A latex blanket keeps heat well when it is cold, but you can also hide in the summer without sweating. To wash it, use the laundry bag.
We recommend a seat cushion to all office workers, car drivers. Especially for those who have problems with the spine.

Order a free transfer to Sweet Dream Latex from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Detail...

Factory Patex


Bulky items are sold in vacuum packaging, which makes it possible to transport goods as easily as possible, even mattresses. Professional consultants of the sales center will answer all questions, describe each product in detail and help you make a choice. You can check the products for strength, touch, strikes, rolls and even you can jump on the mattress.

First they will tell you how and from what make latex products. The consultant will inform you in detail about the exceptional properties of latex and make you believe that you have lived your whole life without a latex mattress in vain.

The selected sample will be released from air and the volume of the product will decrease several times. You can place it in a sealed enclosure. The staff of the Patex factory will respectfully give you all the documents confirming the quality.

The purchase of all products is accompanied by the issuance of a quality certificate, for presentation at the airport. Thus, you can be sure that you will have real latex, and not fake, which are quite a lot in different outlets of Pattaya.

Patex is the largest manufacturer of products made from 100% natural natural latex. Production is made in the Kingdom and conforms to world and European quality standard.

Opening hours from 9-00 - 22-00. Daily.

Thai Latex factory


Factory Thai Latex in Pattaya is a great selling center for real latex.

Factory sells products of personal production of 100% products. This guarantees quality and normal price. At this point in sales is really unique range of latex products.

Here you will be provided with such an exclusive service as making products to order and covering them with cloth.

In the center of quality 100% in Pattaya, You can buy:

  • Pillows and mattresses of all shapes and colors. There are even big pillows in the form of exotic animals.
  • Sleeping pillows that you will not find at other similar points. For example, very thick ottomans for sleeping or standard for Russian large rectangular cushions of chopped latex. For folding couches there are suitable folding mattresses.
  • Latex for motorists. This includes head restraints, latex ottomans for rear seats, and a unique seat cover for the driver.
  • For babies, kits for baby strollers, a variety of support and fixation rollers for infants, pillows toys. There is also a specialized line of latex products for expectant mothers.

From time to time, the Factory holds promotions and gives out gifts to buyers of products in the form of exclusive latex soap, created on the basis of whey of the dairy juice of the Hevea tree.

And when ordering a transfer the day before the trip, the staff will prepare a free beautiful packaging for your pillows and mattresses!

Opening hours from 9-00 - 22-00. Daily.

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