Island Princess

Island Princess from Pattaya.

Price: 2300 ฿. Price for child 1800 ฿.
The price of a private tour is 3500 baht / person. We go from 2 people.
Daily. From 7.30 to 18.00.

Guide, speak English. Prepayment.
The price includes: snorkeling attributes, transfer, deck chairs, lunch, cooling drinks.

Take with you: swimsuits, panama, sun cream, money, camera.

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Attention! We have improved the Princess Island program

Now on the island:

  • There are full face masks or regular (Scuba Mask) to choose from.
  • Individual umbrellas and sunbeds.
  • Group photo shoot on the island and underwater photography with marine inhabitants – for free!
  • During the day we offer tea and coffee – for free!
  • We walk through the mangroves to the picturesque lake for meditation.
  • For photography, we visit the closed beach on the island, those who wish can swim.
  • We will see a cage with turtles.
  • Now there are many kayaks on the island, all available during the day.

Island Princess - Description

Island Princess Sirinton recently become open to tourists. The people on the island a little. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sea, swimming.
In fact, the island called Koh Samae San. It has an original shape, which from the top looks like a turtle. The island really belongs to the princess, the daughter of the king.

And by the way, this island - a very good place for diving. Here you can see the underwater fauna: dark sponge, colorful fish, corals. Experienced divers can descend to the wreck. You can find barracuda and if you're lucky, turtles and dolphins.

The ride to the island 1 hour for minivan and 15 minutes by boat. Before crossing to the island, we will enter a beautiful temple on a cape with a beautiful view of the sea. In addition, we will see how Thai soldiers raise turtles at a military base, which are then released into the sea.
On the island offers are thatched sunshade with sunbeds, snorkeling, guides. In the middle of the day, if desired, you will be taken to a small coral reef with an instructor to snorkel and watch the underwater fauna.

Will lunch and again swimming, sunbathing on a clean beautiful beach. You can ride around the island on a bicycle.
The island, by the way, is 15 minutes' travel by ship from another - Emerald Koh Kam, we also recommend a visit, but already in the program of another excursion.

Tour Schedule:

  • 8.00 Pick up from Pattaya hotels.
  • 9.30 The road to the military base. Farm turtles, turtle museum, a small aquarium.
  • Temple Lang. Karma cleansing ritual.
  • Departure to the Island Princess. Travel time - 15 minutes.
  • 10.20 beach vacation, tan, swimming in Princess Island.
  • 11.00 11.00 A motorized inflatable boat ride to a coral reef. Observation of the wildlife of the South China Sea, diving with masks and snorkels.
  • 13.30 Lunch.
  • Personal time. Beach.
  • 15.40 Walking on the island by bicycle (optional).
  • 16.10 Departure from the island.
  • Stop at Mount Kao Chichan. The story of the fishing village.
  • 17.40 Arrival in Pattaya.

Private option to Princess Island

  • Departure time from Pattaya and from the island is any.
  • You can stay on the island from 9.00 to 17.00.
  • Maximum excursion time: from 8.00 to 18.30, it is possible to go to the island later, you can also leave the island earlier.


The cost of an individual tour to the island of Samae San, depending on the number of people (price per person):

  • 1 person - 4500 ฿; 2 persons - 2600 ฿;
  • 3 persons - 2400 ฿; 4 persons - 2200 ฿;
  • 5 people - 2100 ฿; 6 people - 2000 ฿;
  • 7 people - 1900 ฿; 8 people - 1800 ฿;
  • 9 people - 1700 ฿;
  • 10 and more people - 1650 ฿.

The tour price includes:

  • two-way private transfer from Pattaya with a guide;
  • ticket to the island;
  • snorkeling tour to coral reefs by boat;
  • chaise lounge;
  • lunch, fruits and drinks;
  • inspection of the turtle nursery on the island;
  • stop at the observation deck on the way from the island at the Luang Pho Dam temple, from where an excellent view of the entire archipelago opens. In the temple, you can perform a ritual to fulfill a wish and tie a rope on the hand of a monk.

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