3 D gallery Art in Paradise

Galleries Pattaya.
Price: 650 ฿ / per
Departure at any time until 17.00.
It is advisable to order 2 hours before the trip.
Duration 2.5 hours. Take: camera.

Amazing Art Museum

Price: adult 650 ฿, children 90-120 cm 550 ฿.
Works daily. Departure from 9:00 to 19:00.
It is advisable to order 2 hours before the trip.
Duration 2.5 hours.
Take: a camera.

Hello Van Gogh!

not available
Price: adult 650 ฿, children 90-120 cm 550 ฿.
Works daily. Departure from 9:00 to 19:00.
It is advisable to order 2 hours before the trip.
Duration 2.5 hours.
Take: a camera.

Metal Art Gallery

not available
Price: 1200 ฿ per car + 150 ฿ / person tickets.
Daily. Duration 2-3 hours.
Order preferably 2 hours before the trip.
Without a guide. No prepayment.
Take: a camera.

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Booking a trip to the galleries of Pattaya by phone +66 92 109 21 26
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Galleries - Art in Paradise

3D gallery Art in Paradise - a museum where all can see a variety, astounding 3D-images on the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as take pictures from unusual angles. For a long period of its existence, the gallery has become one of the most popular places in Pattaya. Canvases in 3D genre leads here crowds of tourists from all over the world.

The 3D gallery about two hundred works, which are not just visual interest, but also can be an integral part of the composition. Exhibits are fragments against which the visitors make unique photos.

Gallery 3D Art in Paradise like both children and adults.
Entering the gallery, you will find yourself in a large room, where the first 3D picture and the cover of the magazine Time. After that you go to the underwater world. You can take a picture on the background of shark or sitting on a whale.
Next - the wild jungle. Here are collected almost all the animals in the tropics. Almost a real zoo safari!

Behind him area of classical painting.
Next theme with waterfalls, Khmer ruins of Ayutthaya, the temple of Angkor and deep gorges.

Then you go upstairs and find yourself in Ancient Egypt.
Behind him stories on different subjects: astronautics, large angel wings, flying Temple!
After surrealism hall we go to dinosaurs. A suspension bridge, you make your way over the deep Canyon, and get to Venice, where you can sit in a gondola and swim through the channels.

At the end of the theme, with such subjects as a huge arm or a leg!
Book a tour of the «Art in Paradise» and give yourself a lot of fun and interesting replenish your album photos!

Galleries - Amazing Art Museum

Opened a new gallery in Pattaya - Amazing Art Museum, representing another new landmark of the city.

The gallery features "4-D" paintings that not only protrude from the wall, and create a three-dimensional effect, but are accompanied by lights, sound and color.

With the exhibits, of course, you can make unique photos. This is a new, original exhibition, allows you to take a different look at the world of 4-D paintings. A good place for a family holiday, for an evening getaway. It is offered to guests of any age.

The museum is divided into eight zones: famous paintings, everyday life, sports, extreme sports, literature, cinema, animals and volcanoes.

Target customers are tourists who want to be photographed, interacting with exhibits. Some pictures can be touched.

Galleries - Hello Van Gogh!

We invite you to visit Hello Van Gogh - a gallery of live paintings in Pattaya!

The founders of the exhibition, definitely, did everything thoroughly: many projectors, everything is beautiful, neat, and sterile. There are information stands in English and Chinese, which inform about the life and creative path of Van Gogh and not only.

In the halls sounds muffled music, here and there there are rugs to sit on the floor and meditate in a cool room for the slow blinking of the eyes of animated portraits and self-portraits. Here you can come to relax in solitude.

Metal Art Gallery

A very interesting and unusual Art gallery of metal sculptures has opened 45 kilometers from Pattaya, towards the city of Sirac.

The gallery is open from 9.00 to 18.00 daily. We invite all lovers of metal art.

At Art Gallery, the creators have turned their imaginations and creativity into sculptures that are made from unnecessary metal parts. For example, car parts, auto parts and scrap metal.

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