Lake fishing

Lake fishing in Pattaya. Lake fishing - a kind of exotic, unusual fishing in Pattaya for large fish. Thai experts brought and collected samples from the Amazon, Mekong, Africa and other places.

You will have the opportunity to catch a giant arapayma, which usually everyone wants to get in the first place. There are also other specimens that are no less interesting for tourists:

  • the red-tailed catfish, the spotted fish - the feather,
  • the piranha Paku (with dangerous and sharp teeth, it will pull easily),
  • giant snake-head (reaches no more than thirty-five kg).

Do not miss your chance to fight with these incredible fishes and unforgettable fishing is guaranteed! In addition, fishing enthusiasts can see the page with options for sea fishing in Pattaya.
Russian version of the Lake Fishing page.

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We offer avid fishermen enjoying one of the many lakes in the surrounding area of Pattaya. The lake is equipped with everything necessary for fishermen and their families.

There are shelters from the sun, all tackle and bait included, a cafe where you can eat and buy non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Catch is guaranteed, because the lake is full of fish. You have to be extremely unlucky not to catch anything.

A Thai instructor will accompany you and help if difficulties arise. In all these lakes, after catching, the fish is dumped back into the lake in order not to disturb the ecological balance, and maybe for philosophical and religious reasons. But in this place you can ask the local chef to prepare for you to catched the fish. You will have to pay 80 ฿ per kilogram.

So sit, enjoy exotic fishing on a huge fish. And then, you will be taken to the hotel.

  • Price: 1800 ฿, accompanying 600 ฿.
  • Fishing is carried out at any time from 9.00 to 19.00.
  • The price includes: transfer, bait, lake fishing, Thai escort.
  • Bring along: a hat on his head, money.


NEW! Picnic by the lake + dinner in the blue lagoon!

Price: ฿2000. Children - 1500 ฿.

The program is divided into two parts:

  1. Morning at the lake with fishing, alcohol, BBQ lunch of wild-caught fish and fried rice with chicken and vegetables.
  2. Then the afternoon on the Sai Keo beach, in a private blue cafe area, with sunbeds under a canopy near the sea, well-groomed restrooms and showers, volleyballs on the beach and balls for playing in the sea, kayaks, snorkeling masks, beach toys for children, at the end of the program dinner on the beach!


  • fishing, tackle and bait
  • private gazebos with markings for phones and ashtrays
  • whiskey and cola during fishing and during lunch.
  • lunch of caught fish and kaopad (chicken or shrimp rice).

Private beach on the territory of Sai Keo:

  • deckchairs under a canopy by the sea, volleyball balls, children's toys,
  • snorkeling masks, kayaks, well-maintained restrooms and showers, water,
  • sunset dinner by the sea.

Exit according to the schedule from 2 people is guaranteed.


Not far from Pattaya is a picturesque lake, in which there are many species of edible fish. The fishing is excellent, the catch is impressive. We cook caught fish on charcoal, and we also cook shrimp barbecue. In the lake you can swim, the water is clean.

Every day, three new VIP programs:

1. Barbecue on the lake and fishing (9.00 - 18.00);
2. Evening fishing and barbecue (16.30 - 21.00);
3. Barbecue on the lake + fishing + relaxation in a traditional sauna (9.00 - 20.00).

An individual approach to each guest. Transfer only on new luxury cars (Fortuner, H1, Toyota Camry and similar cars).

After fishing and swimming in the lake, you can continue to relax in the national sauna (high temperature in the steam room), which is located 10 minutes from the lake! The sauna has massage, hammam, a Russian steam room, pools with hot and cold water, there is even a font with ice water!

The cost of fishing and barbecue: 2000 ฿.
The price includes dinner, a grill of fish and shrimp, 3 liters of beer for two, or another soft drink.
We carry out the program from two people, individually, at any time.
The distance from the center of Pattaya to the lake is 10 km.

Daily except Sunday.


Thai kingdom is home to the largest freshwater fish in the world. In all seasons, a warm climate promotes a stunning growth rate, producing fish of impressive sizes.

First and foremost the biggest monster, which you can catch in the lake of the Giants is a Mekong catfish. He is very popular in Thailand grows up to 300 kg.
Siamese giant carp, one large fish, which may be up to 100 kg. The same can be said about the Indian carp.
Pacu, a native of the Amazon and a close relative of piranha. Weight can reach only 25 kg and this fish can bite you, so keep your fingers at a distance.

It is important to note that all the inhabitants of ponds are valuable members of the eco system and a beautiful native fauna. Try not to hurt them and after catching them, nobly release them back to the lake.

  • Price: ฿ 4,400, for a child or accompanying 2000 ฿
  • Every day from 8.00 to 15.00
  • The price includes: transfer, bait, lake fishing, dinner, a Thai consultant.


Park is one of the best sports fishing parks in the city. It located approximately 11 km south of Pattaya, close to Wat Yan.

Employees Amazon Lake fishing Park do their best to make your stay comfortable.
Lake, where you can catch the so-called fish monsters that live in the Amazon basin. Here live such exotic species as Arapaima, soma (the red-large white shark). As well as tiger fish, pike alligator, pacu, and others.

The average production weight is about 30 kg. There are such trophies as arapayma weighing over 50 kilograms. Caught fish released into the pond after the photo and weighing.

Amazon phishing - price:

if 1 person 4000 ฿,
for 2 people 6000 ฿,
for 3 people 8000 ฿.

Every day from 8.00 to 15.00

The price includes a shuttle to and fro, bait, lunch, Thai escort.