Muang Boran

Muang Boran from Pattaya - Evening in Old Siam.

Group Option - Muang Boran

Price: 2800 ฿, children up to 130 cm - 2000, up to 90 cm - free of charge.

Private Option - Muang Boran

Price: ฿ 11000 for 2 people, + ฿ 2200 for each additional person.

Departure at 10.00, return at 21.00-21.30.

Included: Guide (Russian, English, French), transfer, lunch, tickets.
Take with you: clothes for temples, photo.

Excursion to Muang Boran from Pattaya Description

Muang Boran or Ancient Siam - is not tiring and exciting excursion to appeal to all who love to learn something new about Thailand.

City Muang Boran

We arrive at the largest park - a museum on the territory of Thailand. Ancient Siam (Muang Boran) - this is the name of this magnificent park.

In an area the size of the state of the Vatican, there are more than 100 exact copies of the majestic architectural wonders of the Kingdom of Thailand. Some of them are made in full size, others are reduced by three times. The location of the objects in the park corresponds to the place of their actual location on the territory of Thailand.

Travel in the park our guests can in many ways, as they want:

  • You can drive the park on a sightseeing bus,
  • Also, you can independently explore the territory of Thailand on an electric car or free of charge open trams.
  • But the most convenient and useful is a bike ride. A lot of bicycle parking, located in the most convenient places, allows you to easily view all the attractions of the park.
  • In addition, you can go boating along the canals. Absolutely amazing views from the water. The boat ends its journey near a copy of the ancient royal fleet of Siam, located in the middle of a large lake.

One of the main attractions of the park is a copy of the Khmer Prasat Vihan temple temple, located on a mountain between Cambodia and Thailand in Issan.

Between sightseeing, you can visit the restaurants located in the floating market.

In the evening, with the onset of twilight, lights turn on, and the masterpieces of the park appear in a completely different perspective! Dinner - buffet with European and national cuisine in the restaurant of the hotel-resort in the park.

Attention! In the program added Wat Khong Temple (a temple in the sea). Very beautiful views at sunset.

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Tour Schedule Evening in Muang Boran:

  • 9.00 Departure from Pattaya hotels.
  • 11.00 Arrival at the Muang Boran Park.
  • 11.00 - 19.00 Sightseeing of temples and streets of the ancient city, feeding spotted deer.
  • 13.00 Lunch.
  • 16.00 Coffee in the National Coffee House.
  • 18.00 Sunset on the mountain at the foot of the Temple of Preah Viehar.
  • 19.00 Departure to Pattaya.
  • 21.00 Arrival at the hotels in Pattaya.

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