Moon mountain

Moon Mountain - Meeting the Dawn. Author's excursion in Pattaya. The period is March-April.

Price 3400 ฿ / person.

  • Included: transfer, guide, breakfast.
  • Take: money, good shoes, photo-video.

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Moon Mountain - meeting the dawn - description.

Moon Mountain - a pilgrimage tour to the holy peak (only possible two months a year, March and April).

In the province of Lopburi, the Moon Mountain is located, which is known for its miraculous properties.

A major festival is held annually, Worshiping the Golden Temple of Buddha Wong Mun and climbing the stairs, 3790 steps to Wat Khao Wong. Chinese tourists visit this place en masse and climb the hill to worship Buddha. They are confident that it will help them succeed and contribute to prosperity.

It is believed that one who takes 3790 steps along the Lunar Path leading to the Sacred Peak at dawn, in March or April, will be under the auspices of the Moon, which will help make the right decisions for the next year.

This will ensure good luck in business and good mental health.

Thais climb the mountain in families. Every 200 or 300 steps up the stairs, you can take a breath, enjoy the view and quench your thirst. The closer you get to the top, the more expensive the water bottle becomes.

The height of the mountain is only 699 meters, the ascent is gentle, you need to walk 1777 meters, making 3790, or 3799 steps.

At the top, the sacred point of this place is the imprint of the Buddha and the shrines in the hollow of the rocks. Several monkeys also inhabit the area.

The best reward after this long ascent will be the open panorama of the area and the temple below. Even the monumental Buddha looks very small from above!

From the top of the mountain, there are stunning views of the Lopburi province, the Big Golden Buddha statue, the Moon Mountain Temple.

Meeting the dawn at the top is a truly magical event.

After a delicious and hearty breakfast, on the way back, we will visit one of the five most significant Buddhist shrines in the world - Wat Phra Phutthabat (Buddha's Footprint Temple).

Here is one of the five Buddha footprints, a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all over the world. All those who perform a special ritual in the Temple of the Buddha's Footprint are granted forgiveness of sins, and they will be successful in life and happiness.

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Moon Mountain Tour Schedule

  • Midnight Depart from Pattaya
  • 2.00-2.20 Stop on the way.
  • 4.00 Arrival to the Moon path, the beginning of the ascent, on the way we perform special rituals.
  • 6.00 - 7.00 Meeting of the dawn at the top of Lunar Mountain.
  • 8.00 Ritual at the Temple at the foot of the Moon Mountain (Wat Khao Wong Phrachan).
  • 9.00 Breakfast.
  • 10.00 - 11.00 Buddha Footprint Temple.
  • 12.40 - 13.00 Stop on the way.
  • 14.30 Arrival in Pattaya.

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