Sakura Spa

Sakura Spa Pattaya – A day of relaxation in mineral springs, silk, magnesium and tea baths

A trip to an anti-stress wellness program at one of the best Spas in Southeast Asia.

A day of relaxation in mineral springs, silk, magnesium and tea baths at Sakura SPA.

Massages here are provided by qualified Thai spa therapists.

Facial and body care, chill-out room, hammam and sauna, aroma baths in a tropical garden.

A corner of peace and quiet that will charge you with positive energy for a long time!

The trip program to Sakura SPA includes:

  • Transfer in both directions, Spa+Massage at the selected rate, guide services.
  • Start: 9-9:30 am
  • From 10 to 15:00 - Wellness, massage and relaxation in the SPA.
  • 15-15:30 - Return to the hotel

Departures: daily except Sunday.

Prepaid program 50% prepayment (day and time reserved)

For tourists Take with you: - cash baht if you plan to have lunch in a cafe.

Sakura SPA is suitable for you if you want:

  • Free your mind and body from stress and negativity.
  • Experience the extraordinary experience of Asia's finest spa.
  • Do you want to find yourself in a “paradise in the middle of a concrete jungle?”
  • Try a real competent massage from Thai spa therapists.
  • Appreciate high-quality, aesthetically beautiful and competent rest.

In the SAKURA SPA program

Bubble baths with mineral water, which moisturize and nourish the skin, promote collagen production. They have a rejuvenating effect.

Silk bath.

Contains hydrogen, which starts the process of regeneration of the body and cleansing of waste and toxins. A silk bath relaxes, tightens and renews the skin, thoroughly cleansing your pores. Very useful for the face.

Jet baths:

Stone hydromassage beds made of rock, which have built-in jets that supply mineral water with hydromassage to the acupuncture points of the legs, arms and body. Relieves pain in muscles and joints, relieves tension.

Ice bath:

Promote enormous collagen production and, accordingly, rejuvenation.

Branded magnesium bath with tea and aroma oils:

Swimming pool in the garden outside, among flowering tropical trees and shrubs. Triggers the body's natural detoxification process. Brewed with magnesium sulfate and Thai tea, to which natural essential oils are added. A bouquet of oils is selected to maximally relax your body and spirit, producing an aromatherapy session that lifts your spirits.


Dry sauna, Turkish hammam, dousing with silver water.

Important information about Sakura Spa:

The listed baths are included in all massage options.

The spa experience is the same for everyone, but massage rates vary depending on what you choose. The price also depends on this.

The massage is scheduled for a time before leaving, because... during it, oils, ointments, scrubs are used, after which a visit to the spa is impossible (they can spoil the integrity of mineral, silk and other baths).

So a person first relaxes in a spa, then for a massage and then to a hotel.

Women and men relax separately in the spa, meet in common areas: restaurant, garden (rest and smoking breaks), chill-out room, for a massage if they are together.

Massage at your chosen rate.

You also relax in a chill-out room, where there are cozy sofas and disposable blankets are provided. Here you can sleep and then head back to the spa.

There is a restaurant at Sakura SPA. Meals are not included in the price.

Tariffs and Prices at Sakura SPA

Tariff nameContentTimePrice in baht
ThaiSpa + Head massage60 minutes2400
KoreanSpa + Korean scrub30 minutes2700
Deep dreamDeep head massage60 minutes2700
Thai HerbalMassage + herbal compress90 minutes2950
Premium Lifting and radiant skinSpa + facial massage60 minutes3500
Premium AromaSpa + Aroma massage90 minutes3600
Premium tariff Office syndromeSpa + special massage90 minutes3700

You can order the Sakura SPA program by phone

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