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  • Comfortable free transport in both directions.
  • Opening hours daily from 9:00 - 18:00.
  • Transfer is available from 9:30 - 16:00.
  • Payment methods: currency of any country, bank cards.

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What Vitamax Pattaya offers:

Asian drugs have a natural composition. Their main component is the healing herbs that grow in the countries of South Asia. Here you will find medicines not only for diseases, but also for wrinkles and other age-related changes.

Natural products directly from the pharmacy on the River Kwai

They effectively treat various diseases without harming health. Capsules made in Thailand from natural herbs and fees therefore have no side effects.

Thai balms.

The best medicine for muscles and joints is Thai balms! They have become popular due to their unique composition: 70 different medicinal herbs and oil extracts from plants.

Healing tea.

Special varieties of tea blends with therapeutic effect. Tea to normalize the work of the heart, kidneys, to lower blood sugar. Herbs that help quit smoking and remove toxins from the body. A rich assortment for every taste and color!

Effective weight loss.

Vitamax sells natural preparations for a slim figure, such as garcinia from Cambodia, black pepper, green tea extracts. With their help, you will definitely lose weight, even if nothing came out before. The drugs stabilize the work of hormones, the stomach, eliminate unnecessary toxins and toxins and, naturally, save you from extra pounds.

Goods for women.

In this category, goods are only for the beautiful half of our society! Dear women, this is for you! How to improve sex life? How to surprise a partner?

Preparations for men from natural ingredients.

Preparations for men from natural ingredients: ginseng root, butea, aphrodisiac plants. What you need for real masculine power!

Thai Whitening Toothpaste!

Thai whitening healing pastes have conquered the whole world! They are famous for their natural composition: clove oil, extracts of herbs and plants, camphor, salt and borneol.

Snake Farm.

Snake farm products are valued all over the world. It is snake venom that has strong healing and analgesic properties.

Medical cosmetics.

Medical cosmetics in Asia is becoming more and more popular and popular every year. It is not surprising, because applying medical cosmetics, you almost immediately get an incredible, fantastic result!

Korean cosmetics.

Vitamax Pattaya is the only pharmacy with a free shuttle service that offers miraculous Korean cosmetics. Koreans themselves carefully monitor their appearance and look much younger than their years. Therefore, the opinion of Koreans and their recommendations should be heeded and, of course, try cosmetics from Korea in business.

Thai cosmetics.

Thai cosmetics are an excellent substitute for Botox injections and hyaluronic acid. Vitamax offers traditional Thai cosmetics with new ingredients: collagen, gold dust, caviar, filtered snail shell, as well as medicinal herbs serums.

Vitamax Pattaya - what's good:


Vitamax Pattaya is an individual approach to all guests. A competent consultant will carefully listen to you and recommend the right drug. He will tell the indications and contraindications of all medicines in the pharmacy.


All Vitamax products are certified, and the quality of dietary supplements meets the requirements of GMP standards.

Affordable pricing.

Vitamax offers high-quality medicines and cosmetics in various price categories. Sometimes there are discounts on the “Be healthy!” Loyalty program.

Naturally. Effectively. Safely.

All preparations from natural components of plant, mineral and animal origin in full accordance with international standards.

In Vitamax laboratories, the products pass the necessary safety and quality tests. The effectiveness of the funds has been proven by many studies and tests.

Innovatively. Unique. Systemically.

Vitamax Pattaya creates new formulas based on the latest scientific discoveries and the latest technologies, carefully studying best practices and international developments. Many scientific departments are involved in the process of creating the best health products.

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