Thai boxing

Thai boxing in Pattaya.

Cost: 1500 for adults and children.

Daily. The fights start at 19.30. Three fights. Without a guide. Without prepayment.
Departure from 2 people We pick up from hotels an hour earlier. The return time depends on the availability of knockouts.

Included: transfer from the hotel and back, entrance ticket.
Take with you: photo video, money (you can bet).

Thai boxing in Pattaya Description

If you are a fan of the harsh varieties of fighting in the ring, the battles in Pattaya are what you should see.

Fans of these kinds of sports will certainly appreciate the Thai boxing in Pattaya, which for the local population is like religion. It is not for nothing that temples are built here for the glory of boxing.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is an ancient martial art that translates as “free fight” or “fight from eight limbs” because you can use almost all parts of the body during a fight. Muay Thai gained wide popularity only in the last century, after numerous victories of Thai boxers over fighters from other types of martial arts.

From the story: no one knows for sure when Thai boxing appeared. A possible reason for the lack of information is the long, three-century war for the liberation of the kingdom of Siam against the Burmese.

Pattaya has Thai boxing fights between the strongest boxers in Thailand and Europe, including athletes from Russia.
After watching the real fights at the stadium in Pattaya, you feel an influx of adrenaline and positive energy.

The battles take place in the new stadium: excellent sound and lighting effects, large television screens, comfortable seats, powerful ventilation and air-conditioning systems, a cafe-bar, caring staff - all this is for you.

During battles you can order alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, take pictures and even make bets!
Young people, adults and girls, including representatives from all over the world, take part in the battles.

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