Tattoo Sak Yant

Tattoo Sak Yant by Ajahn Dam (Black Master).

Temple Wat Bon Dong, in the province of Rayong, where the island of Koh Samet. Any day by appointment.

Price: 1 person: 4500 ฿, from 2 people: 3200 ฿.
English speaking guide. Without prepayment.

  • Take with you: clothes to visit the temple.
  • The price includes: transfer from the hotel and back, a meeting with a monk, guide-interpreter.

The necessary tattoos are paid separately, the price depends on the design and size. From 600 to 5000.

Schedule tattoo Sak Yant to the Black Master

  • Подъезжаем к храму Ват Бо Тонг (деревня за Районгом) для совершения ритуала - нанесения Волшебного Тату Сак Янт.
  • Выезд из Паттайи около 7.30-8.00.
  • Лесной храм в двух часах езды от Паттайи, в провинции Районг.
  • Поднимаемся по лестнице к статуе Будды, просим благословения и зажигаем свечи.
  • Монахи молятся, а мы тем временем выбираем из альбомов подходящую татуировку.
  • Аджан порекомендует подходящую вам татуировку.
  • Мастер Дам (черный) использует машину с одноразовыми иглами. Кроме того, он носит перчатки. Краска или масло разводится в банке за один раз.
  • Процесс быстрый. 15-25 минут. После этого мастер читает молитву. С пожертвований возьмите 100-200 бат.
  • Учитывая все обряды, разговоры, татуировки, заговоры, это займет почти весь день. Возвращение в Паттайю около 17:00.
  • Тем более подарки от монаха на удачу.

Стоимость доставки и переводчика: 1 человек/4500 ฿. Без предоплаты.

Tattoo Sak Yant from master Chali, near Pattaya.

Master Chali has a strong positive energy, a master of his craft. Accurate. Ajahn Chali makes tattoos with bamboo sticks, exactly as ancient traditions require.

Ajan discovered his magical abilities as a child and lived for a long time in a monastery in the north of the Kingdom, after which, having created a family, he realized that his calling was to help people.


  • 3800 ฿ (transfer and translator)
  • 4800 ฿ transfer, translator, and 1 Sak Yant for protection and good luck, finding and maintaining a family hearth, is done first as a foundation for all other magical tattoos. This sak yant must be applied before all other yants.

Ajahn Chali takes in Chonburi Province, 30 minutes from Pattaya. Departure any day by appointment. Group up to 4 people.

Tattoo Sak Yant

Tattoo Sak Yant from Ajahn Kob in Ayutthaya

In Thailand, home to several famous artists Sak Yant. We can go with you to Ajahn Kobu, which is known outside of Thailand. People come to Ajahn Kobu not only for the sake of his magical art. In addition, he is very neat and tattoos are very beautiful.

The teacher does not understand English, and it is here that our translator will come to your rescue.

If 1 person is traveling, the price is 6500 ฿.
If more people, then 4500 ฿/person.

Included: transfer, translator. Application of Sak Yant is paid separately.

Prepayment is required.

The cost of the tattoo is communicated directly to Ajana’s client and is paid as a donation to the temple. Approximately 2000 ฿.

Sak Yant tattoo at Wat Bang Phra Nakhon Pathom.

If 1 person is traveling, the price is 6500 ฿.
If more people, then 4500 ฿/person.

Included: transfer, translator. Application of Sak Yant is paid separately.

Application of Sak Yant, consultation. Free food and drinks. Daily.

Tattoo Sak Yant description

Tattoo Sak Yant is translated as "the sacred pattern." The Thais adopted this art from the Khmers from Cambodia and the ancient Hindus. Above all, before the battle, the soldiers applied magic tattoos on their bodies to protect them from injury and death. Then they began to make tattoos on other topics. For example, for good luck in business, love and so on.

In addition to Thai monks, this ritual can be performed by a master of Brahmins and ascetics Rishi. By the process of applying a tattoo, these people are very serious. Often the master is assisted by monks singing the sacred mantras.

Ajahn should be treated with respect. Most importantly, sure to make an easy bow to the master. Besides, forbidden to show your feet to the master or step over the sacred altar, as well as through albums with tattoos.

The procedure for tattoo Sak Yant:

You are led to the master.

Then explain to the translator what you would like from this tattoo and select the drawing.

The master can offer their options tattoo. Better to agree. Believe me, he knows better. It determines the type of client, and which drawing will be most appropriate in this case. However, there are cases when Ajahn refuses to provide Sak Yant tattoo services if, in his opinion, Sak Yant is not necessary or realizes that the client is lying to him.

During of the process, Sensei recites ritual spells and speaks Yants. Then you need to make a donation in the cup. After that, go to Pattaya.

There are many fake Sak Yant tattoo parlors. There you will make a beautiful pattern and no more.

This Ajahn Sak Yant chooses certain mantras for drawing, and then makes a spell.

Subsequently, you will regularly need to come to the tattoo master to reload Sak Yant.

All active tours Pattaya can be found here.

Tattoo Sak Yant

Black master


  1. How many tattoos can we get in 3600 baht.?

    1. 3600 baht is only a transfer, an interpreter and an appointment with the master. Tattoo is paid separately. Now from about 1000 baht

  2. I’m already in Rayong, it is possible to take the transfer here? The price is the same for the transfer?

  3. Hello 2 people want sak yant by bamboo (not machine) from Pattaya what are the options?

  4. Hello
    Which master is hygenic as far as new/clean needles and ink?

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