Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo
Price: 750. Child price 500 ฿.
Daily at 9.00. Duration half a day.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

Tiger zoo private.
Price: 2200 ฿ per car up to 5 people.
Tickets separately for 250 ฿. Anytime.
Without a guide. Without prepayment.

The price includes: transfer, tickets.
Take with you a hat, money for a photo with animals and for personal expenses.

Tiger Zoo - Overview

Tiger Zoo. A very pleasant impression leaves tourists Sriracha Zoo. Here you can see how a pig, a dog and a tiger live in one aviary.
You will see unique tricks with crocodiles, impressive circus acts with elephants, tigers and pigs.


Animal performances are held every two hours. Be sure to watch a very unusual show called “The Queen of Scorpions”, in which a girl puts on dozens of deadly poisonous insects and, moreover, offers to do the same to you. Another unique number is Tiger Mining - shooting range. You are given an air pistol, with an accurate hit on the target in a ditch with thirty predators a huge piece of meat is dumped.


You can ride on elephant. At the entrance you will immediately be photographed, and the output will be offered to buy a plate with symbols of Tiger Zoo and your photo.

Calves, goats walk on the territory, approach people. This is not even just a zoo, as we used to see it, but rather a circus with a unique program and trainers. If you want to surprise children, come here. In addition to tigers, here you will see many other animals: crocodiles, elephants, parrots and even snakes.

Many people come here especially to feed the baby tiger cub from the bottle. Pleasure, including photographs for memory, costs 100-150 baht.

In the local restaurant, you can cook a delicious fresh BBQ of fresh crocodile - a portion costs about 200 baht.

In addition to the Siracha Zoo, you can visit another nearby zoo - Khao Kheo.
Great tour for everyone: adults and children! Be sure to visit the Tiger Zoo. There are few such places in Thailand!

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