Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain - Pilgrimage to Khao Kitchakut.
February and March only.
Departure every Thursday and Monday.
Estimated price: 3000 ฿.
Buddhist rituals and gorgeous scenery!

The price includes tickets to the national park, transfer, jeep safari on the mountain roads of the national park, lunch in Thai style, the work of the guide-interpreter.

From 4 people - possible departure on any day.
Take with you: warm clothes, money, good shoes.
To go need! There is everything you would expect: nature, caves, waterfalls, extreme, cleaning karma mysticism.

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Below, under the Holy Mountain, a stunning temple with an artificial cave was built in a year.

During the ascent, now, every hundred meters, you can drink hot sweet matum tea and water for free.
The monks brew amazingly delicious matum tea (add salt, sugar, herbs) in huge pots and treat everyone.

Also now there is a coffee shop with excellent coffee, in the middle of the rise, coffee 40 baht.

The excursion to Holy Mountain Khao Kitchakut will be in two versions:

Climbing and meeting the dawn.

1.30 Departure from Pattaya.
4.00 Start climbing Khao Kitcha Kut.
6.00 Meeting the dawn on the holy peak and participation in the rituals.
11.00 Breakfast
14.00 Return to Pattaya.

Sunset at Khao Kitchakut.

13.00 Departure from Pattaya
16.00 Start climbing Khao Kitcha Kut
18.00 Stunning sunset on the holy peak and participation in the rituals.
20.00 Dinner.
23.30 Return to Pattaya.

Holy Mountain Khao Kitchakut - Tour Description

Holy Mountain Khao Kitchakut is in the National Park, where there is still great wild natural massifs, huge and magnificent waterfalls. The water is clean and cool. Will the desire, you can swim.

Purpose of the trip: you need to get to the top of the mountain and touch the sacred stone, which. according to the monks, fell from the sky. Most likely a meteorite. In general, touch the stone, and all year you will be happy. And if you are a fan of such actions, and three years in a row you climb this mountain and touch the holy stone, then good luck will accompany you forever.

On the mountain, of course, live Thai monks, steadfastly guarding the precious shrine, and not allowing anyone to climb up the whole year. Only in mid-February, they become good and open the mountain to millions of pilgrims and tourists.

The entire climbing process can be divided into stages:

Stage 1

The bus will not be allowed upstairs, and we transplanted into the open pickup trucks, and then even more powerful SUVs.

Extreme much! You rush on mountain serpentine with steep turns. But, oddly enough, this place has never had an accident.

Perhaps because the area is really guard the spirits, but rather due to the fact that in the period of pilgrimage here come the best first-class drivers of Thailand.
Before landing on jeeps, we will stop for acclimatization and breakfast.

Stage 2

Walking 5 km!
For the laziest, there are porters with palanquins that can take you uphill like royalty for an additional fee. However, this probably does not apply to healthy people.

At the half-way station to rest. On the way, we will meet cafes, shops and massage parlors.

Among other things, everywhere there will be big heaps of yellow flowers, which the pilgrims who have been cleansed from sins throw anywhere. Employees periodically clean these flowers. But, after a while, again, pilgrims erect herbarium heaps everywhere.

During the ascent of the mountain can be heard throughout the bells and sacred mantras, which should attract plenty of spirits to accomplish good works.

And there is beauty all around! And clean mountain air. The monks forbade the use of various aromatic products and fumigation with smoke so as not to spoil the ideal local atmosphere.

Stage 3 On the top

Well, we got to the holy stone, the bottom covered with gold. All guests receive a blessing by touching the sacred rock. Monks recite mantras.

Remember that the ritual at the end is rather long and at the top of the Holy Mountain is cold.
Pilgrims here analyze the past and present, think about the future. And, of course, ask for good fortune for themselves and their loved ones.

Dawn at the top of a very good !!! The sun slowly but surely covers shivering pilgrims and mountain warm rays and there is an atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

Mission accomplished!
The road back will be easy and invisible. In addition to all the ritual activities, you can also swim in the waterfalls.
About three hours from Pattaya.

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