Khao Yai

Khao Yai Park - Land of Waterfalls from Pattaya.

Group Option

Price: 3000 ฿, children up to 130 cm - 2500, up to 90 cm - free of charge.

Private Option

Price: ฿ 11000 for 2 people, + ฿ 2200 for each additional person.

Duration 1 day. English speaking guide Without prepayment.

  • Included: transfer, guide, lunch, all tickets. Elephant riding is paid for - 400 ฿ (optional).
  • To take with you: swimwear, comfortable clothes, a raincoat (water falls everywhere from waterfalls) and good shoes.

Khao Yai National Park Description

Jungle, Waterfalls, Temple. Many beautiful nature and very professional guide.

Adventure tour to the beautiful state park of the Kingdom of Thailand!
Khao Yai - one of the most amazing places in the country, was established in the middle of the last century and is the first national park in Thailand.

Many animals lives in the park, many of which you will observe in the natural environment: Asiatic black bear, Indian elephants, tigers, monkeys, Hindu Zabar, deer and wild boar. Here grow ferns and giant 60-meter trees, wild orchids and tropical vines.

We will see a large waterfall Khieu Narok, Waterfall Heo Suwat that became known thanks to the film "The Beach", plunge into Sarika waterfall.

We will also swim in mineral healing natural pools.

Among other things, there will be an unusual art museum created by a man who had previously built the White Temple in Chiang Rai. And the abandoned Tiger Temple in the jungle.

You can also visit Khao Yai on excursions Amazing Thailand.

Tour program schedule in Khao Yai:

  • 6.00 Departure from Pattaya (7.00 from Bangkok).
  • 8.30 Stop at the observation deck of Khao Yai Park.
  • 9.00 Haew Narok waterfall, one of the most powerful waterfalls in Thailand.
  • 11.00 Waterfall Haew Suwat (the film "The Beach" was filmed here).
  • 12.00 Meeting with wild monkeys.
  • 12.30 Viewpoint of Khao Yai Lake.
  • 13.00 Lunch in the jungle on the banks of the river. Wild animals come to the river to drink, which we can watch while we have lunch.
  • 14.30 Observation deck of the huge dam Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam.
  • 15.00 Pink Ganesha Temple. Ritual of Luck.
  • 15.30 Swimming and rest at the Sarika waterfall.
  • 18.00 Temple of a thousand Golden Buddhas illuminated by the sunset sun.
  • 19.30 Fruit market (stop for 10 minutes).
  • 21.30 Return to Pattaya (21.00 to Bangkok).


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